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Algoa Bay Hope Spot public meeting, 22nd October, Bayworld


You are invited to join the Algoa Bay Hope Spot public meeting that will be held at Bayworld on the 22nd of October from 5:30 pm. Please find the program below.

Algoa Bay is going to be placed on the international map of the Hope Spots on the 11th December, with the visit of the eminent Dr Sylvia Earle. 

Dr Sylvia Earle is the architect of the International Hope Spot movement and is arguably the world’s foremost oceanographer and marine conservationist. There are 51 Hope Spots globally, but none in South Africa. However, in December South Africa will have six due to the magnificence of its coast and the enthusiasm of its people. 

Hope Spots are people orientated conservation areas in which individuals and communities are given opportunities to make positive differences to their own coastal and marine environment (see http://www.sst.org.za/ for more details).  

We shall present you why Algoa Bay has been chosen to be one of the six, what it means for our bay and what we can all do to participate and keep our bay deserving this special title. 

We will also talk about some burning issues, such as the proposed fish farm, and will present you the program of the South African tour that will be launching the Hope Spots. The media coverage of the tour will be large and mayor of all major cities will be giving talks. We wish to take this opportunity to raise funds for the Hope Spot initiative, while giving an opportunity to sponsors to advertise their companies.