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Algoa Bus strike: Chaos and frustration as commuters struggle to get transport

OCTOBER 12, 2015
Algoa Bus strike: Chaos and frustration as commuters struggle to get transport

There was chaos in the morning rush as Port Elizabeth commuters struggled to get transport to work for the new working week as the Algoa Bus strike entered its 20th day on Monday. The situation was also worsened by the opening of schools for the new term - forcing commuters especially from the city's townships to wait in long queue's for hours for the available taxis.

Some frustrated commuters also complained on the Algoa Bus service's Facebook page about the lack of communication to commuters from the company about the strike.

"Why is Agoa bus not giving us any feed back about the strike? They don't even comment on there (sic) page about the strike as to what is happening," said one.

Another asked; "Is nobody on here going to answer our question? WHEN WILL THE STRIKE END?! And most importantly, why the hell don't you people fire the people that are too lazy to work for the salary they earn? There are plenty of people out there who need jobs (and several who now can't get to work and back because of this ridiculous strike) and you people keep those people employed even though they're refusing to work for how long now? This is the 3rd week isn't it? Seriously!"

A meeting to resolve the strike between the Algoa Bus company and unions that had been called for last Thursday morning failed to proceed. Apparently some of the striking unions, led by the South African Transport and Allied Workers Union (SATAWU), were not ready to meet with the Algoa Bus management.

Local radio station, Algoa FM News, also reported that some of the minority unions involved in the strike were understandably not happy that management had not written to them about the meeting in time.

The parties had also been expected to meet last Tuesday to try and find common ground.

Algoa Bus Company, two weeks ago urged commuters to be patient as "we are trying our best to get our buses back on the road".