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Algoa Park burglar busted after 6 year-old saw him

Jan 7, 2016
Algoa Park burglar busted after 6 year-old saw him

Two suspects are expected to appear in the New Brighton Magistrate's Court soon on charges of of housebreaking.

It is alleged that on Tuesday, at about 10:00, a house in Peace Street, Missionvale, Algoa Park was broken into and a television set was taken.

According to Eastern Cape police; "A 6 year-old child alerted his grandmother that he saw the suspect carrying a television set.

"The complainant was not at home at the time, and after she was contacted, confirmed that entry to the house was gained by breaking a window. The neighbours searched for the suspect and found him at a house not far from the complainant’s house.

"The television set was in his possession."

Police were contacted and the suspect was handed over to police.

The 19 year old teenager was detained for housebreaking and theft.

"The SAPS commends the community in keeping their eyes and ears open to criminal activities in their area. Due to the socio-economic conditions in certain areas, criminals operate  within their residential areas, therefore  are known to the community. We urge society to continue to blow the whistle  against any suspected activities/criminals and to refrain from buying stolen goods.  In so doing, we will be moving forward to a safer and crime free society," the police said.

In the second incident,  a 31 year-old suspect was arrested by Bethelsdorp police during the early hours of Thursday morning for possession of suspected stolen property and housebreaking.

"It is alleged that at about 03:00,  Bethelsdorp police were on their way to SAPS Algoa Park when they noticed the suspect standing with a bag.

"When he saw police vehicle, he dropped the bag. Police found various household items, a notebook and computer equipment inside the bag," the police said.  

Police contacted the complainant by finding her contact details on a card among the stolen items.

Prior to the call , she was oblivious to the housebreaking as she was asleep.

The stolen items were handed back to the complainant.