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Aliwal North murderer gets 30 years behind bars

JULY 15, 2015
Aliwal North murderer gets 30 years behind bars

Eastern Cape Provincial Commissioner, Lieutenant General Celiwe Binta, on Wednesday welcomed the  lengthy jail sentence handed down  in the Aliwal Norht Regional Court last week to Mandla Eric Liwani (41) for murder.

Liwani was sentenced to twenty years imprisonment for murder and another ten years for attempted murder. The Court ordered that the sentences will not run concurrently.

According to Eastern Cape police, the sentencing relates to an incident that happened on the 28th of August 2010, when Liwani stabbed a male and a female victim with a knife at a soccer field in Dukathole, Aliwal North.

The female victim (17) passed away at the scene and the male sustained multiple wounds and was admitted to Aliwal Hospital for medical treatment. Within 48 hours after the offence, Liwani was arrested and taken into police custody.

Lieutanant General Celiwe Binta commended the Maletswai Detectives for the swift and thorough investigation of the case, ensuring that well prepared case dockets were presented to court which led to the successful prosecution, conviction and sentencing of the accused.

“Contact crimes especially those involving women and children is a SAPS priority and we will continue to work hard to put those guilty of these types of crimes are put behind bars,” she said.

Furthermore, the accused will appear in Aliwal North Regional Court for two attempted murder cases on 01 September 2015.