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Aliwal North private security officer killed in shootout during armed house robbery

Feb 3, 2018
Aliwal North private security officer killed in shootout during armed house robbery

Police in Aliwal North have appealed for assistance with information that can help them with their investigations after a fatal armed robbery in the early hours of Thursday morning.

"It is alleged that on 1 February, in the early hours the owner of Ngema Pop Inn Cash loan residing at Van Horst Street, Springs, in Aliwal North, arrived at his house from town where his assistant workers was busy with drawing money from  the ATM," said police spokesperson W/O Moitheri Bojabotseha.

"On his arrival, at his house he was surprised by two unknown  males inside his house where his wife and grand daughter was sleeping.

"As he entered the house, he was hit with a crowbar on his head and become unconscious."

According to the eyewitness, his grand-daughter, she saw two suspects - medium height and wearing balaclavas to cover their faces.

"Mrs Pretorius, the wife of complainant, was severely assaulted in her room while his grand daughter was also assaulted," said W/O Bojabotseha.

"The grand child managed to activate a panic button that activated Leinko Security Company.

"The suspects was busy insisting the wife to unlock the safe, but she refused."

He said that at around 01: 37, a response from Leinko arrived at the scene.

"The suspects took the  motor vehicle of Mr Pretorius to flee the scene. Outside the house there was a confrontation between the  suspects and the security officer and  shots were fired," W/O Bojabotseha added.

"The security officer was fatally wounded - he later past away at the Aliwal Hospital.

"A undisclose amount of money was underneath the seat inside the vehicle. No cash was taken from the house."

He said that the case is still under investigation and any person with information is requested to contact Detective Commander Lt Col Mqugulwa cell 082 44 22 77 9 or phone A/ North Police station 0800 10111.