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All EC schools 1st XV rugby results up until week-ending before Easter Weekend Festivals

All EC schools 1st XV rugby results up until week-ending before Easter Weekend Festivals

Schools’ 1st XV rugby in recent weeks started unravelling for the 2017 winter season, with a whole host of eagerly-anticipated friendlies, festivals and derbies seen in various parts of the country.

Ahead of the Easter Weekend this week, where various prestigious Easter Rugby Festivals are held throughout the country; these encounters provided stepping stones for such schools partaking over the long weekend to test themselves out on the field’s play.

After the Easter Weekend, the annual seasonal rugby derbies between schools will commence.  

In Eastern Cape specifically, Graeme College from Grahamstown hosted a day’s 1st XV rugby festival on the 25th of March, which included 16 schools from all over the province, including the Border and Nelson Mandela Bay areas.

Grey High, ranked 9th on the final 2016 school 1st XV rugby rankings and second highest in the Eastern Cape, played Marlow Landbou from Cradock at the Graeme Rugby Day and upsettingly drew 11-11.

Waving the flag for EC on last year’s final rankings, after ranking 5th in the country, Selborne College also endured a bit of a scare against hosts, Graeme, after scathing a 20-15 win.

Dale College from King Williams Town, the third and final EC school representative to finish 2016’s season in the final top 20 rankings (17th in the country), also rattled to a 21-21 draw against Die Brandwag from Uitenhage in the same Rugby Day.

Union High from Graaf Reinet were then hosted the next EC showpiece to host a festival extending over two days on the 1st and 3rd of April respectively, which featured 20 school sides, four of which were from Western Cape (Camps Bay High, Charlie Hofmeyr High, Swartland High and Paarl Gim 2nd XV nicknamed the ‘Daisies’) and two from South Africa’s powerhouse school, Grey College in Bloemfontein.

The other 14 school sides were all from various areas in the Eastern Cape.

Grey College sent their 1st and 2nd XVs to partake, with their 2nd XV nicknamed the ‘Cherries’. On the first day, Grey College 1st XV thrashed Stirling 68-3, before demolishing Muir College 94-10 on day two.

The Grey College Cherries beat Swartland 39-7 on day one and Grens 60-8 on day two. Grey High sent just their 2nd XV to play at the festival, nicknamed the ‘Unicorns’ and lost to Camps Bay 17-15 on day one, before beating the Paarl Gim Daisies 18-10 on day two.

In the same week-ending 1st April, Kearsney College 1st XV from Durban toured the EC and played against Marlow Landbou, winning 23-7, before just scraping past Nico Malan from Humansdorp 30-29.    

The popular annual Tony Stoops Rugby Festival in Cape Town, held at Brackenfell High School, had a significant EC schools’ imprint, but only schools deemed in the ‘second league’ of rugby prestige, these included: Alexander Road High, Victoria Park High, Otto du Plessis and Nico Malan all from Nelson Mandela Bay.

The Tony Stoops expanded over three days on the 1st, 3rd and 5th of April respectively.

In the same tenure, Uitenhage powerhouses, Daniel Pienaar and Die Brandwag also took to tour Western Cape for Rugby festivals – taking part in the Drostdy Noord/Suid and Oakdale Rugby Festivals respectively.

All EC schools 1st XV rugby results up until week ending 5th April 2017:

25th of March- Graeme Rugby Day:

Dale College 21-21 Die Brandwag

Graeme College 15-20 Selborne College

Kingswood College 12-7 Pearson High

Marlow Landbou 11-11 Grey High

Muir College 15-23 Cambridge High

Queens College 6-6 Framesby

St. Andrews College 31-7 Hudson Park

Union High 18-50 Nico Malan

Kearsney tour to EC:

Kearsney 23-7 Marlow Landbou

Kearsney 30-29 Nico Malan

1st of April- Union High Rugby Festival:

Andrew Rabie 22-23 Winterberg

Camps Bay 32-17 Linkside High

Charlie Hofmeyr 17-15 Grey High Unicorns

Gill College 22-26 Grens

Grey College Cherries 39-7 Swartland

Grey College 68-3 Stirling

Muir College 18-10 Westering High

Paarl Gim Daisies 52-3 Grens 2nd XV

Union High 13-5 Cambridge High

Volkskool Graaf-Reinet 16-34 Pearson High

Transvalia 26-29 Daniel Pienaar (Drostdy Noord/Suid)

Windhoek Gim 21-19 Die Brandwag (Oakdale RF)

Alexander Road 13-27 Vredenburg (Tony Stoops)

Jan van Riebeeck 24-29 Victoria Park (Tony Stoops)

Klein Nederburg 20-23 Otto du Plessis (Tony Stoops)

Nico Malan 19-17 Pionier (Tony Stoops)

3rd of April:

Gill College 45-12 Cambridge High

Grens 2nd XV 19-33 Andrew Rabie

Grey College Cherries 60-8 Grens

Grey College 94-10 Muir College

Paarl Gim Daisies 10-18 Grey High Unicorns

Pearson 46-20 Swartland

Union High 17-39 Charlie Hofmeyr

Volkskool Graaf-Reinet 0-65 Stirling

Westering High 24-8 Camps Bay

Kingswood College 13-16 Bishops (derby)

Daniel Pienaar 24-31 Middelburg (Drostdy Noord/Suid)

Hermanus 24-15 Die Brandwag (Oakdale RF)

Alexander Road 10-20 Lutzville (Tony Stoops)

Emil Weder 25-19 Victoria Park (Tony Stoops)

Nico Malan 24-22 Bellville South (Tony Stoops)

Otto du Plessis 18-14 Bellville HTS (Tony Stoops)

5th of April:

Daniel Pienaar 23-15 Marais Viljoen (Drostdy Noord/Suid)

Alexander Road 21-15 Jan van Riebeeck (Tony Stoops)

Nico Malan 26-24 Schoonspruit Secondary (Tony Stoops)

Otto du Plessis 11-15 Aliwal North (Tony Stoops)

Victoria Park High 20-10 York High (Tony Stoops)

Image: Union High 1st XV running out onto the field in the Union Rugby Festival.