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All-in-one service: Phicor designs a beautiful façade for improved Ibhayi Building

All-in-one service: Phicor designs a beautiful façade for improved Ibhayi Building

The external renovations and structural repairs that began at the Department of Public Works’ Ibhayi Building, situated in New Brighton, Port Elizabeth, eight months ago, were recently completed.

Appointed main contractor GVK-Siya Zama Building Contractors (EP) handling the complete external renovations and repairs of the building, which included waterproofing, concrete structural repairs and highly-specialised protective coatings, crossed upon a challenge mid-way through the project when the consultants made a decision to remove all the concrete fins on the façade due to the fins been structurally unsafe.

However taking away the slabs would also take away the aesthetics and an essential part of its functionality. GVK then called on Port Elizabeth-based firm, Phicor Architectural Products, to be part of the team and come up with an innovative solution.

Phicor then designed Aerofoil louvre blades, which were to be placed vertically on the building.

“We presented our client with a 3D design proposal and a 3D printed blade sample complete with stainless steel bracket system.

“On design approval we then implemented the next phase of the project which was to create a mould in order to extrude the 12 Tons of 6063 T5 architectural grade aluminium blades, this had been  closely done with one of our suppliers as failing to get this key process right would impact on poor quality of the final product. This process took about three months as we wanted to be sure that each blade was perfect and that there were no visible dye lines or imperfections on delivery.

Managing Director of Phicor Architectural Products, Sean Steyn said “they handled the process from start to finish.” Including the manufacture of all the 316L Stainless steel components. With the newly installed louvres systems manufactured from green products not only added value to the facades but would save the client on further additional maintenance costs over the years to come.

Phicor has been involved in a number of high-profile projects throughout the country and offer turnkey solutions to the residential & commercial industry. 

For more information call Phicor Architectural Products on 041 451 0388 or visit www.phicor.co.za. Phicor is situated in Plein Street in Sidwell, Port Elizabeth.