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Amahlathi ANC unlawfully appoints full-time councillors: DA

NOVEMBER 5, 2016
Amahlathi ANC unlawfully appoints full-time councillors: DA

The Democratic Alliance (DA) in the Eastern Cape on Friday condemned the Amahlathi Local Municipality’s decision to "unlawfully" appoint a full-time Chief Whip and Chairperson of Municipal Public Accounts Committee, "on full-time councillor pay, despite the law disallowing these appointments".

"The unlawfulness has been confirmed in writing by the MEC of Local Government and Traditional Affairs Fixile Xasa," Thamsanqa Balindlela, a DA PR Councillor in the Amahlathi Local Municipality, said in a statement.

"We have therefore written to the Amahlathi Speaker, Nokuzola Mlahleki, to immediately overturn these unlawful appointments which the ANC forced through Council. The DA registered opposition to these appointments."

Balindlela said that recent demarcation changes have resulted in the Amahlathi Municipality scaling down from 40 to 30 seats, "which means that the municipality can no longer in law have a full-time Whip and MPAC Chair".

To date the unlawfully appointed MPAC chairperson is still appointed as a full-time councillor taking home full-time councillor pay.

"The DA will also write MEC Xasa to investigate the decision of the Municipality to stubbornly ignore his determination of unlawfulness, and to identify wrongdoing on the part of the ANC councillors involved," Balindlela added.

"We also believe that unauthorised full-time remuneration has accrued to the unlawfully appointed councillors, and we will press for the full repayment of all excess monies paid outside of the law."