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'ANC BCM flouted Council Rules by refusing Pakati Motion of No Confidence'

Feb 28, 2019
'ANC BCM flouted Council Rules by refusing Pakati Motion of No Confidence'

The Democratic Alliance (DA) on Thursday accused the African National Congress (ANC)-led government in the Buffalo City Metro of flouting Council procedure by not allowing a vote on a DA Motion of No Confidence in the Executive Mayor, Cllr Xola Pakati.

"The DA’s Motion was debated during Wednesday’s BCM Council Meeting, but was never voted on. Instead, the Speaker allowed the factionalised ANC Caucus to vote that the motion would not be voted on," said Dharmesh Daya Cllr - DA BCM Chief Whip.

"We have now called for a Special Council Meeting for this Motion of No Confidence to be put on the agenda again. We demand that a vote on the Motion be held."

Daya said that Mayor Pakati’s inability to deal timeously with a 2018 South African Municipal Workers' Union (SAMWU) strike, which cost the Metro approximately R300 million, is the main reason for the motion. Mayor Pakati also proved his inability to ensure financial stability and good governance.

"The ANC yesterday refused to hold its Mayor accountable for his political failures and even suggested the people of the Metro should accept the Mayor’s 'R300 million' apology for not dealing with the strike," he said.

"ANC Councillors even admitted that the strike was avoidable, but suggested that Council, including the DA, should take collective responsibility for what happened."

Motion of no confidence against Buffalo City Metro Mayor

Daya provided a breakdown of the reasons for tabling the motion as:

  • A broken 2016 agreement with trade unions in which staff evaluations were to take place. This did not take place.
  • SAMWU provided the Mayor with a list of demands in October 2018, at least 3 weeks before the strike took place. The Mayor did nothing to address those concerns.
  • The DA pleaded for a Special Council Meeting to discuss putting an end to the strike, but this request was declined.
  • The strike resulted in at least R300 million worth of vandalized infrastructure and pay-outs to municipal workers. The cost of this will be borne by BCM residents.
  • No political leadership was provided by Mayor Pakati during the strike. For 3 weeks rubbish piled up, basic services were found wanting and chaos ensued.

"The people of the Buffalo City Metro deserve better."

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