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'ANC birthday rally turnout is evidence of strong support in the Eastern Cape'

Jan 16, 2018
'ANC birthday rally turnout is evidence of strong support in the Eastern Cape'

The African National Congress (ANC) in the Eastern Cape says, judging by the huge turnout at its January 8th Statement Rally that was hosted in East London and addressed by ANC President, Cyril Ramaphosa, over the weekend, the party still enjoys huge support in the province.

"Tens of thousands of people packed into Buffalo City Stadium and the adjacent Jan Smuts stadium while many more watched the celebrations on a big screen on sports fields around the stadium," the party said.

"Something unprecedented in South African politics. This is an indication and a debunking of any myths that the ANC`s mass support is being eroded in the Eastern Cape.

"People of South Africa know, who their leader is and that is why they register their dissatisfaction when we do things that are foreign in our organisation."

It added that the huge turnout is a clear reaffirmation that the ANC is the people's movement and that the party "is the only parliament of the majority in South Africa, which should always at all material times be found where the toiling masses of our people are".

"The President used this historic rally to commit the NEC and all members, of their resolve on uniting the ANC and taking it back to its rightful owners, the people of South Africa.

"As much as we are pleased with the conduct and general discipline of our members and supporters we are disappointed by the few, who chose to boo President Zuma," the ANC said.

"We condemn their conduct in the strongest possible terms.

"It is un-ANC and we should not allow such conduct to flourish by keeping silent because the target is not in sync with our political preference.

"That behaviour was simply uncouth and distasteful. President Zuma gave his all for this movement and must accorded respect by all."