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ANC Eastern Cape calls for serious introspection over declining support

ANC Eastern Cape calls for serious introspection over declining support

In a statement on Thursday, following a special Provincial Executive Committee (PEC) meeting on Monday in King Williams Town, the African National Congress (ANC) in the Eastern Cape called on the party collective to take "responsibility for the weaknesses and shortcomings of the decline of our electoral support".

"However, the PEC also acknowledged that individual actions of leaders of the ANC [real or perceived] also taint the good image of the ANC as a credible and trustworthy movement to transform the lives of South Africans for the better," said ANC Eastern Cape Spokesperson, Mlibo Qoboshiyana.

"It is therefore against this particular backdrop that the PEC appeal to those in leadership positions to decisively tap into their consciousness, and take the appropriate action."

He said that the PEC believes that the ANC, and the broader mass democratic movement, must urgently engage in a robust introspection of the political moment and courageously embark on bold strategies to accelerate organizational renewal.

"In this regard, the PEC resolved to lobby for the convening of a National Consultative Conference composed of the cadres of the movement in the veterans.

"The PEC also reflected and welcomed the Strategic Perspective that matters of leadership succession must be handled with maturity and discipline. In this regard, the PEC fully endorsed the notion of outlawing factionalism and slates," said Qoboshiyane.

"It is the firm view of the PEC that any leader of the ANC who has been reported to be part of secret meetings will be exposed and dealt with. The PEC further reaffirmed that the Unity of the ANC in the Province is sacrosanct."

On free tertiary education

The PEC further reaffirmed that there must be a decisive implementation of ANC decisions on implementing free higher education for the poor in South Africa.

"In this regard, the PEC believes there must be a serious reprioritization of financial resources to cater for a sustainable free education at higher education," said Qoboshiyane.

The PEC also acknowledged that two regions in the province, namely Amathole and Nelson Mandela Region, are due to convene their respective regional conferences. In this regard, preparations for the conferences are already underway.

It strongly condemns the abduction of children, arson and the torching of homes of ANC Councilors, especially attacks towards women and children.

"As a matter of principle we condemn any use of violence and criminality in voicing community concerns. The PEC also acknowledges the crime statistics released by the National Minister of Police. In areas characterized by high levels of criminality, we call all the law enforcement agencies to work closely with communities in order to reduce the levels of crime in the province and the country."