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ANC Eastern Cape condemns the torching of houses and cars in Barthust

Feb 12, 2019
ANC Eastern Cape condemns the torching of houses and cars in Barthust

The African National Congress (ANC) in the Eastern Cape on Tuesday said that it condemns "with the contempt it deserves" the use of violence by a group of residents, who attacked ANC supporters in Bathurst.

This resulted in the unfortunate torching and damage of five houses and two cars at Barthust, in the Ndlambe Local Municipality, on Sunday.

"Any violent conduct and burning of houses to intimidate our movement not to campaign in Bathurst cannot be accepted because it is tantamount to anarchy and disorder," said  Lulama Ngcukayitobi, ANC Eastern Cape Provincial Secretary.

"We would like to humbly request community members not to be influenced and this requires that our communities isolate criminals."

He said that the majority of the people voted overwhelmingly for ANC councilors in Barthust "because they want to strengthen democracy and any violent conduct reverses all the gains".

Eastern cape police on Monday said thatfive people had been arrested for the violence.

ANC calls on police to arrest those behind Bathurst violence

"ANC councilors are legitimate leaders of our communities as per the mandate of the electorates.ANC structures and communities must protect and defend their public representatives and become more vigilant against destroyers of democracy," Ngcukayitobi described.

"We strongly believe that police must not be lenient to disgraceful rogues posing as community leaders, who advocate for destroying people's houses and state property.

"Police should not allow acts of violence, vandalism and criminality to happen at anytime of day."

He said that the police must investigate and root out all "elements that might have infiltrated the community".

"We also call on law abiding members of the communities around Bathurst to isolate this small group of lumpens, whose aim is to destroy and cause chaos instead of building," Ngcukayitobi said.

"We further call upon all ANC structures working with the police to gather and supply intelligence to curb the spread of anarchy and disorder.

"We can conclude that the burning of houses is purely motivated by criminal inclination and hatred of the ANC and the South African Police Service (SAPS)must move swiftly to arrest the culprits."

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