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ANC Eastern Cape conference violence shows a lack of leadership: DA

Oct 2, 2017
ANC Eastern Cape conference violence shows a lack of leadership: DA

Commenting on the violence that broke out at the African National Congress' (ANC) 8th Eastern Cape elective conference, the Democratic Alliance (DA) in the Eastern Cape said the people of the province deserve better leadership.

Eight delegates at the elective conference were seriously injured after chaos and violence erupted during the conferencein the early hours of Sunday morning at the East London International Convention Centre.

"The people of the Eastern Cape need and deserve leaders that are capable of putting them first and building a prosperous province," said Mlindi Nhanha, DA Eastern Cape Spokesperson.

"The ANC elective conference held this weekend in East London proved that the ANC are not able to offer this."

Nhanha said that the DA in the Eastern Cape held it's own elective conference at the same venue four months ago where democratic contestation was conducted peacefully, proceedings were conducted in an orderly and dignified manner, and solutions and ideas on how to build a better province for all the people of the Eastern Cape were discussed.

"The DA’s values of Freedom, Fairness and Opportunity demand robust internal democratic processes that are above reproach with a peaceful means of resolving disagreements and contestations based on putting the people first, rather than positioning a political faction to loot state resources," he said.

"The DA calls on the people of the Eastern Cape to join us in our quest of building a prosperous society of opportunity."