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ANC Eastern Cape reflects on bruising 2016 Municipal Elections and loss of the Bay

AUGUST 8, 2016
ANC Eastern Cape reflects on bruising 2016 Municipal Elections and loss of the Bay

The African National Congress (ANC) in Eastern Cape, together with its alliance partners the in SACP, COSATU and SANCO convened a Special Extended Provincial Executive (PEC) meeting on Sunday at the Osner Hotel, in East London, to reflect on results from Wednesday's local government elections.

While the party managed to hold onto several Eastern Cape local municipalities, it lost the Kouga Local Municipality and the all-important Nelson Mandela Bay, to the Democratic Allaince. In some municipalities, the party now only leads with a small margin.

"As a liberation movement, we deeply thank all South Africans for exercising their hard fought right to vote in these elections. We do so conscious of the fact that principally, democratic elections are an expression of self-determination by the citizens to produce a legitimate government that is in accordance with the wishes of the people," said ANC EC Provincial Secretary, Oscar Mabuyane.

"We moreover, want to convey our most sincere and heartfelt gratitude to the more than two-thirds of the people of our province who voted for the ANC."

He said that the election results for the Province remain overwhelmingly positive with 67.1% of voters declaring the ANC as their political home, where roughly 3.2 million people out of 4.8 million, the ANC controls 37 out of 39 municipalities in the Province.

"We further note that an overwhelming 91% victory of the ANC at ward level in the Province cannot be understated.

"Our success in municipalities include victories in municipalities which had been highly contested in Buffalo City Metropolitan (BCM) and King Sabata Dalindyebo (KSD) Local Municipalities among others," said Mabuyane.

"In BCM, the ANC managed to receive 58.7% votes, while in KSD, the ANC received 63% of votes. As a result, the ANC continues to be both honoured and humbled by the overwhelming confidence and trust that many South Africans demonstrate towards the ANC.

"The ANC further appreciates the progressive and reinforcing role contributed by the alliance partners in the Province. In the same vein, we must reaffirm our manifesto commitments that 'a vote for the ANC is a vote for delivery of quality services, development of local economies and integration of communities in urban and rural areas'."

Mabuyane said that while the party has received "overwhelming support from the people, we equally acknowledge that there are areas wherein our support had declined and absolute control lost".

"As the ANC we must confirm that we have clearly heard the voice of the people as expressed by the decline in our votes. We understand this message clearly that if we don’t pull up our socks, deliver with speed on our commitments, and generally provide leadership that inspires hope and confidence, then you will vote otherwise.

"Here, as the movement, we will engage in deeper conversations and introspection with the people, with an aim of being self-critical and self-correcting," he said.

"In relation to Nelson Mandela Bay Metropolitan, we must also acknowledge that the outgoing municipal administration with interventions that have been deployed embody the building blocks are in place have been put in place to improve service delivery in the Metro.

"The ANC PEC agreed on a political imperative to cooperate through a progressive coalition with parties that agrees with transformation, progressive agenda which agrees with correcting the imbalances of the past. We hope and trust that the discussion will carry the aspirations of the voters."