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ANC Eastern Cape's Mabuyane condemns 'factional' t-shirts bearing his face

May 3, 2017
ANC Eastern Cape's Mabuyane condemns 'factional' t-shirts bearing his face

As the race towards the African National Congress (ANC) Eastern Cape's Provincial Elective Conference, which is expected at the end of July, heats up, the party's Provincial Secretary, Oscar Mabuyane on Tuesday distanced himself from what he called 'factional' T-shirts that bear his name and face.

Mabuyane is understood to be gunning for the position of Provincial Chairperson, a position, which is currently held by Eastern Cape Premier, Phumulo Masualle.

"I have noted with dismay the pictures of T-shirts and graphics circulating in social media bearing my name and face.

"As the ANC Provincial Secretary and personally as a disciplined member of the ANC I find this to be highly unacceptable. I condemn in the strongest possible words the use of my face and name in such T-shirts and paraphernalia," Mabuyane said in a statement.

"As the ANC Provincial Secretary, I am tasked with overseeing organisational processes and procedures, I thus find it totally unacceptable that my name and face can be used in a factional manner that transgresses organisational procedures and rules."

He said that the Provincial Conference guidelines state it clearly that 'Acts like singing of derogatory songs, unsanctioned T-shirts and ways of lobbying that are inconsistent with organizational traditions will not be tolerated and will result in disciplinary proceedings being preferred against any member, who engages in such conduct'.

"We therefore want to state it clearly that those manufacturing and wearing these unsanctioned T-shirts must immediately desist from such conduct and that their failure to do so will lead to disciplinary action being taken against them," Mabuyane said.

"All organizational paraphernalia bearing the logo of the ANC must be sanctioned and approved by organizational structures or accredited ANC vendors, any unsanctioned/unauthorised use of the ANC logo constitutes a breach of the ANC policy and may lead to disciplinary/legal action being taken."

Mabuyane is a member of the ANC Eastern Cape Provincial Executive Committee (PEC).

"As the ANC PEC, we had said: 'We acknowledge that the leadership preferences towards the upcoming Provincial and National Conferences are beginning to be a source of disunity in the organisation broadly and within the PEC itself. And as the PEC we commit to spare no effort in uniting ourselves and the organisation towards these Conferences and beyond',” he said.

"I therefore refuse that my name should be used to divide the PEC and the organisation and thus distance myself from the many lobby groups and pronouncements made using my name.

"We urge comrades to desist from unorganisational forms of lobbying and campaigning for individuals outside of established ANC processes and guidelines."