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ANC in Parliament prepares motion of no confidence against Zuma

Feb 14, 2018
ANC in Parliament prepares motion of no confidence against Zuma

As President Jacob Zuma seems to defiantly cling to power in the face of a recall from his party, the African National Congress (ANC), he now faces another battle in the National Assembly.

This is after the ANC caucus at Parliament on Wednesday announced that it had resolved to proceed with a motion of no confidence in him on Thursday.

ANC Treasurer General, Paul Mashatile, told reporters; "You have already heard the decision from the Sscretary General to recall the president. We ask the Chief Whip to proceed with the motion of no confidence.

"We can no longer keep SA waiting, the decision must be implemented and we must proceed with the Parliamentary process."

The ANC is seeking an amendment of the Economic Freedom Fighters' (EFF) scheduled motion of no confidence, which means that the ruling party will be the ones to take charge of it.

According to the ANC's Parliamentary Chairperson, Jackson Mthembu, "Our rules allow for an amendment of any motion, that is before us as the ANC, not to the substance of the motion of the president going but to the ANC reasoning.

 "We will be approaching other parties in Parliament, including those who put the motion forward. It's likely, depending on the availability of Chief Justice, we can probably elect a new President.

"The sooner all these matters are attended to,the better so that we can do the budget. We would like the incoming president to put forward to the nation what the programme of the ANC will be for this year.

"The motion of no confidence will take place tomorrow."