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ANC losing Nelson Mandela Metro a mistake to be fixed: Zuma

By Afikile Lugunya - Sep 15, 2017
ANC losing Nelson Mandela Metro a mistake to be fixed: Zuma

President Jacob Zuma on Thursday, during a visit to the Port Elizabeth to honour an invitation by the Interdenominational African Ministries Association of South Africa (IDAMASA), called on African National Congress (ANC) supporters to ensure that the party wins back Nelson Mandela Bay from the Democratic Alliance (DA) led coalition in the next local government elections.

IDAMASA is an ecumenical movement of all church leaders from different denominations that was formed during the apartheid to fight sin and racism.

Proceedings at the event, which was held at the Nangoza Jebe Hall, in New Brighton, Port Elizabeth, and was organised for the renaming of the local IDAMASA office to Olivier Reginald Tambo, saw various Bishops from various ministries around Eastern Cape that are part of IDAMSASA praying for Divine guidance for the President as he carries an enormous duty of leading the country.

Addressing the gathering, Rev James Fatuse said that their duty as Bishops was not to judge, but to pray for every leaders in the country.

“From Genesis to Revelations, the Bible doesn’t say that when leaders make mistakes, boycott them or force them to step down; it only says that we must support and pray for our leaders," Fatuse said.

President Zuma thanked the IDAMASA for standing by him.

In his speech, Zuma told supporters that the Nelson Mandela Bay is the home of the ANC.

“Let’s work together to bring back our ANC home; remember that the ANC is the only political party that prioritises the people’s needs,” he said.

Zuma added that, like any other organisation, the ANC will face problems from time to time.

“Every household had its own problems, but it depends on how they solve them. The ANC has undergone many trials and tribulations, but it continues to conquer all of them.

“Many have left the ANC, but they eventually come back to their senses and come back because the ANC is a home, without the ANC it gets cold because it is the peoples' party. The ANC is the only party formed by the nation for it to fight for what was stolen by the white rulers during the apartheid,” he said.

Zuma then called on ANC supporters in the Bay to rally and take back the Metro in the next local government elections.

“I ask these pastors to keep praying for the Nelson Mandela Bay to be united and I assure you, with unity the Nelson Mandela Bay will come back to the ANC because that was a mistake that needs to be fixed by us all,” he said.

Local media left with eggs on their faces

However, local journalists were not happy about their treatment at the event.

After waiting for hours for the President's arrival, the media were denied access to the IDAMASA office building.

When President Zuma eventually arrived to inspect the building, only journalists from the public broadcaster were allowed in.

ANC Nelson Mandela Bay chairperson, Andile Lungisa, tried to address the issue in his speech while introducing the President at the Hall.

“During the apartheid, there were five people, who were hated by the apartheid government. Jacob Zuma is the only one still alive amongst those five individuals. Among the five were the late Oliver Tambo and Chris Hani, which leaves one person left and that is Jacob Zuma, so the media must understand that we are trying to protect him,” Lungisa explained.

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