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ANC must listen to Motlanthe’s advice - Cope

By Charl Bosch - Nov 3, 2015
ANC must listen to Motlanthe’s advice - Cope

The Congress of the People (Cope) has called on the ruling African National Congress (ANC) to take the advice of former President Kgalema Motlanthe, before “it’s too late”.

In an interview over the weekend, Motlanthe accused the ruling party of losing its ability to maintain a “united and non-racial society”, adding that their views on internal democracy, has become “impaired”.

Speaking in a statement, Cope spokesperson Dennis Bloem said Motlanthe was doing the country a favour by pointing out the ANC’s shortcomings.

“If every leader who participated in the struggle and who paid a heavy price for opposing apartheid, now spoke out against the impairment of “internal democracy in the ANC”, as Motlanthe has done, an enormous amount of good will come out of it,” Bloem said.

“Lack of internal democracy in the ANC has become externalised in the wider political sphere. The great work of Nelson Mandela is being undone by the Zuma administration. The present ANC is putting South Africans onto a path of conflict with one another once again”.

Reacting to Motlanthe’s remarks, ANC spokesperson Zizi Kodwa said the party welcomes “his forthrightness and willingness to provide leadership” and that he remains “a critical opinion maker on how the ANC should confront internal challenges”.


IMAGE sourced from Cope Facebook page