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ANC Nelson Mandela Bay has lost touch with voters: Trollip tells EC Legislature

Oct 22, 2015
ANC Nelson Mandela Bay has lost touch with voters: Trollip tells EC Legislature

In his speech to the Eastern Cape Provincial Legislature, that has been sitting in the Nelson Mandela Bay over the past three days, Democratic Alliance (DA) Eastern Cape leader and the party's Nelson Mandela Bay Mayoral candidate in the upcoming 2016 Local Government Elections, Athol Trollip, said the African National Congress (ANC) in the Nelson Mandela Bay had lost touch with the local electorate.

"With this government continuing the way it does, our people will remain shackled to poverty and destitution," Trollip said.

"Touching on the staggering amount of bucket toilets still in use in the Bay and the ever-expanding housing backlog, this report confirms what we’ve always known: The ANC has abandoned this Metro."

He said that when in government, the DA plans to introduce red tape reduction services, opportunity centres, job zones and frequent performance management of all directorates.

"In addition to this, operational all-inclusive recreational centres will be set up in all communities.

"It is time to transform townships into suburbs through rapid infrastructure development and investment into poorer areas to drive domestic and inclusive economic growth," Trollip said.

"We will introduce a comprehensive rapid public transport system which integrates taxi and train routes with a bus network.

"With an unemployment rate of 36.6%, it is indefensible that the municipality continues to ignore recommendations made by the Audit Committee. An inclusive city, committed to clean governance, must be guided by audits.

"Instead, we see a municipality that cuts corners and ignores its residents.

He said that while millions of rand is spent on defending various litigation cases against the municipality, residents are forced to protest violently to give meaning to their constitutional right to housing and sanitation.

"Had the municipality not got into endless legal tussles, it might be in a position to actually spend money on the people.

"Despite this administration’s apparent commitment to clean governance, there remains absolutely no consequence management for poor work performance. Perhaps, this is why we have heard nothing more about the 17 suspended municipal officials, who continue to earn massive salaries at our expense, without as much as a slap on the wrist," Trollip said.

"After catching a taxi from PE Central to Motherwell early this morning, I walked the streets of Motherwell. I saw collapsing shacks, incomplete RDP houses, exposed illegal connections and large piles of rubbish. I was told that the ANC councillor is never seen on the streets.

"Spending is simply not happening in the way that it should; and our people are seeing none of it."

On Wednesday, Trollip condemned the use of rubber bullets by police to disperse students who had gathered a the Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University (NMMU) to protestas the part of the nationwide campaign against 2016 fee hikes.