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ANC rubbishes Beeld editor’s remarks about Zuma

By Charl Bosch - Aug 20, 2014
ANC rubbishes Beeld editor’s remarks about Zuma

The ANC has criticised an opinion piece by the editor of Beeld newspaper and News24 columnist, Adriaan Basson, describing it as ‘lies’ and a form of ‘self-importance’.

In the article, entitled “How do we get rid of President Jacob Zuma”, Basson states that the country “simply can't afford Zuma any longer”

“We need a leader with clean hands who can lead with integrity. Someone who can intervene, talk and strategise when a Marikana happens or an African Bank collapses or when gang bullets smash through small children. Zuma is not such a leader,” Basson wrote.

He also criticised the President for his stance on Nkandla and described his response to the findings of Public Protector, Thuli Madonsela, as “undermining every single South African who battles daily to keep head above water in a struggling economy”.

In a statement, ANC National spokesperson, Zizi Kodwa, said that the article reflects Basson’s futile obsession with trying to get rid of Zuma.

“He ignores the emphatically expressed will of 11 million South Africans who renewed the mandate of the ANC, with Comrade Jacob Zuma at the helm, to lead the country. He thus abrogates upon himself monopoly of knowledge and is disdainful of the confidence the people of South Africa have in the ANC and its President,” Kodwa said.

“In his quest to continue to discredit President Zuma, Basson is even prepared to resort to blatant lies,” continued Kodwa.

“It is a known fact and concurred by the Public Protector that the President did not use state funds for the building of his residence. It was only after the involvement of the SAPS that costs of a security nature came into the picture”.

Kodwa also stated that although the ruling party “champions the cause of a free and democratic press, Basson’s article “flies in the face of decorum”.

Responding to Kodwa’s remarks, Basson wrote on his twitter page, “My column speaks for itself. This was not a ‘intended-call-to-arms’ against President Zuma, but the articulation of widely-held discussions by people in & outside the ANC who are increasingly agitated by Zuma's failure of leadership”.

Basson’s remarks were shared by the Democratic Alliance who called the ANC’s response to the article ‘hysterical’ and which ‘highlights their insecurity and inability to rationally explain the lavish upgrades to the President’s private home”.

“It is an equally sad bid to deflect attention from the President’s hopelessly inadequate response to Parliament and the intended re-establishment of a toothless ad hoc Committee on the matter”, the party said in a statement on their website.



CAPTION: Beeld editor, Adriaan Basson, has caused an oproar among the ANC hieracy with his opinon piece, “How do we get rid of President Jacob Zuma”.  IMAGE sourced from www.beeld.com