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ANC’s broken promises in NMB over after elections - Trollip

ANC’s broken promises in NMB over after elections - Trollip

Democratic Alliance (DA) Eastern Cape leader, and Nelson Mandela Bay mayoral candidate Athol Trollip, has said the party will make good on its promise to create jobs and champion service delivery if elected in the August third local government elections.

Addressing supporters and party members outside City Hall on Tuesday after taking part in a “march for jobs” from the Donkin Reserve, Trollip, who had been accompanied by the party’s National Spokesperson Phumzile Van Damme, Chief Whip John Steenhuisen and Youth Chairperson Yusuf Cassim, said the party has become tired of promises by the African National Congress (ANC), as it has become clear that the ruling party, under Executive Mayor Danny Jordaan, has no plan to address unemployment in the Metro.

“Unemployment in Nelson Mandela Bay rose to 33.2% [in the first quarter of 2016], with 21 000 additional people added to the growing number of unemployed residents. Jobs are being lost at a rapid rate and yet no body accounts for this,” Trollip said.

“Where the ANC governs, rampant corruption, political meddling and incompetence plague the Extended Public Works Programme, SMME and other informal employment project networks. We cannot carry on for another five years under the ANC like this”.

He stated that the DA views youth employment as a very serious matter, adding that promises by government to create jobs have failed to materialise.

“When President Jacob Zuma recently launched Operation Phakisa here, he said they will create jobs. He told us that in 2009, they will create a million jobs, yet they have lost two million jobs. Nothing under the ANC is going to be different,” he said.

Taking a further swipe at Jordaan, Trollip also questioned the SAFA’s boss alleged reaction in a recent debate, that he does not take part in open discussions as “he is not a politician but a doer”.

“If he is not a politician, why did he except the nomination from President Zuma and [ANC Deputy Secretary-General] Jessie Duarte to come to City Hall and why has he not done what he has promised,” Trollip said.

“In politics you should punish those who tell lies. Democracy is not just about coming and talking. The time of ANC broken promises is over”.

Trollip said the party has already drawn-up plan with the aim of getting rid of corruption, create jobs and bring proper service delivery.

“Working with local small and micro enterprises, business chambers and regional economic development agencies, we will promote local businesses regionally and nationally. By creating job zones and opportunity centres, we will provide residents with one-stop shops for dealing with licensing, land use and tax advice,” he continued.

“I am become sick and tired of reading and hearing about this municipality wasting people’s money and driving down roads blocked by IPTS bus lanes. We will commit to make this city different and be a government that puts good governance first”.

Prior to Trollip’s statement, Steenhuisen also took aim at Zuma’s comment that the interest of the ruling party comes before those of South Africans, saying “on the third of August it will be people that comes first and the ANC last”.

“How it is possible I ask Mayor Danny Jordaan that 47% of our young people [in Nelson Mandela Bay] are sitting at home unemployed. Some have looked for others and have others have stopped. “A vote for Athol Trollip is a vote for freedom, fairness and opportunity,” van Damme said.