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ANC says EFF absence from EC legislature programme 'distasteful and tantamount to fraud'

Oct 31, 2019
ANC says EFF absence from EC legislature programme 'distasteful and tantamount to fraud'

Bhisho -  The African National Congress (ANC) Caucus in the Eastern Cape Provincial Legislature has commended the Legislature for successfully hosting its annual Taking Legislature to the People Programme that was held at Komani’s Tobi Kula Centre from the 22nd to the 24th of October.

"We are confident that this mass public participation programme deepened participatory democracy by creating a platform where public representatives met members of the communities that they serve to hear their needs and discuss possible solutions," said ANC Chief Whip in the Eastern Cape Provincial Legislature, Loyiso Magqashela.

"The unmediated interaction between the people and their government promoted transparency and accountability; and was reflective of a responsive government.

"We take pride in that the impact of our rigorous oversight, meaningful public participation and progressive law-making work will leave a footprint in the people of our province; and we are satisfied by the Legislature’s stance towards becoming an activist and people-centred parliament of the people through our numerous programmes."

Magqashela said that the Thuma Mina day held on the final day of the Taking Legislature to the People Programme is living proof of the Sixth Administration’s commitment to making a difference in the lives of the province’s citizenry, which has given us a mandate to undo the effects of poverty, unemployment and inequality within society.

He said that over and above this commitment, the ANC Caucus will ensure that the Eastern Cape’s Sixth Legislature will prioritise:

  • Intensification of public participation and community education programmes;
  • Awareness in the law making processes;
  • Conducting vigorous oversight that leads to improved service delivery;
  • Playing an active role in provincial affairs looking at the interests of the public - reconnect the Legislature with the people;
  • Utilising ICT to enhance the mandate and systems of the Provincial Legislature.

EFF Eastern Cape lambasted for absence at Taking the Legislature to the People programme

"The Legislature’s ANC Caucus further bemoans the persistent absence of the opposition (namely the EFF) without apologies. Since the beginning of the 6th Term, the EFF has consistently betrayed the mandate of the electorate as duly mandated by virtue of being public representatives," Magqashela added.

"They continue to miss official Legislature business activities and thus miss opportunities to represent their constituencies in the province’s legislative institution.

"Over and above the EFF showing no regard for the people of Eastern Cape, the insubordination and dereliction of duties displayed by these public representatives is distasteful and is tantamount to fraudulent activity as they continue to draw salaries under the guise of representing the public, when in fact they are nowhere to be seen when during officially sanctioned Legislature business.

"We hope that the next instalment of this annual programme will build on the success of the Chris Hani programme in entrenching the spirit of Khawuleza to serve our people and build the Eastern Cape we want."

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