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ANC suspected of taking down DA boards in NMB

ANC suspected of taking down DA boards in NMB

Democratic Alliance (DA) Federal Chairperson and Eastern Cape Leader, Athol Trolip, has accused the ruling African National Congress (ANC) of being responsible for vandalising a number of the party’s “Vision 2029” billboards in the Metro.

Speaking in a statement, Trolip said that boards in the Motherwell area were torn off the metal frame gantries in a suspected act of “political vandalism”.

“Having already fallen under 50% in the Bay, the ANC are clearly the most threatened party with the most to lose from the DA’s message,” Trolip said.

“We will continue our investigation to ensure those responsible for the vandalism are brought to book, and we will be replacing the vandalised Vision 2029 billboards”.


IMAGE sourced from DA website