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ANC wins Tsolwana by-election-DA notes increased support

By Tai Chishakwe - Sep 18, 2014
ANC wins Tsolwana by-election-DA notes increased support

The African National Congress (ANC) won a seat in the by-elections that were held for Ward 5 of the Tsolwana Local Municipality, on Thursday. The vacancy arose after the resignation of an independent councillor.

“Once again these by-elections have reaffirmed the confidence the majority of our people have in the ANC,” the party said in a statement.

“This confidence they continue to display whenever provided an opportunity through the exercise of their hard won right to vote. Such successes are a clear indication of the inroads we have also made in areas the opposition would want to create an impression are their strongholds.”

The ANC further said that; “Our public representatives have a responsibility to work even harder to realize the people's aspirations for a better life all. We are confident that in this endevour we dare not fail.”

It said that it was happy with how the election was conducted.

Meanwhile the Democratic Alliance (DA) said that although it lost in the by-election its tally showed that its support had grown in Tsolwana Local Municipality.

“Our candidate, Jomo Blom, won 810 votes (37.6%) against the ANC’s 1 344 votes (62.4%).

“The DA increased its support from 7% in the last local government elections to 37.6% and up from 31% in the general elections in May this year,” the party said, adding that this was an indication of the continuous growth and support for the DA as alternative government.

“We will remain committed to this goal as we work to win strategic municipalities in the Eastern Cape in the 2016 local government elections and onwards towards the 2019 general election,” the DA said.