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ANC Youth League Buffalo City: Press Statement - 28th August 2014

Aug 28, 2014
ANC Youth League Buffalo City: Press Statement - 28th August 2014

The ANC Youth League Buffalo City Regional Executive Committee held its first Regional Executive Committee meeting since its election by the 2nd ANCYL Buffalo City Regional Congress on the 27th of August 2014.

The meeting acknowledged that we met towards the conclusion of the Women’s month, a month dedicated to celebrating the heroic strides made women in the fight for our liberation and women emancipation. The meeting appreciated the progress made thus far in the fight for women emancipation but agreed that more still needs to be done particularly in ensuring that young women have full access to economic and educational opportunities.

As the 2nd Buffalo City Regional Executive Committee we noted the challenges that faced our regional congress and we committed ourselves to work tirelessly to unite the ANCYL within our region. As mandated by the 2nd Regional Congress we will intensify the renewal of our organization in order to reposition the ANCYL as a militant champion of economic freedom and thus in this regard we appreciate that the task of rebuilding the ANCYL continues.

On the State of the Organisation

The meeting discussed the state of the ANCYL as an organization, we appreciated the progress made in setting up branches of the ANCYL in the region. We are happy to confirm that the ANCYL in Buffalo City is alive with organizational presence in 44 of the 50 wards of Buffalo City and in all the institutions of higher learning within the region. The meeting noted that the branch audit process confirmed as in good standing 36 out of the 44 launched branches, the REC in this regard resolved to reconvene the Branch Annual General Meetings (BAGM) of the 8 branches that were disqualified by the 31st of August 2014.

The REC will further deploy members to visit the 6 branches that totally failed to convene their Branch Annual General meetings in order to assess their state and help them convene their BAGM’s. The REC agreed that as a priority we must pay special focus to the state of our branches to ensure that they are vibrant and fully functional, in this regard the REC must give branches all the required support to realize this objective. We therefore agreed that Zonal structures will play a critical role in supporting and coordinating the work of branches and as such we will soon convene Zonal meetings to setup Zonal structures as provided for by the constitution of the ANCYL.

Special Regional General Council

The 2nd Regional Congress resolved that the Regional Executive Committee should within reasonable time but before the Provincial and National Congress convene a special Regional General Council to deal with the policy discussion documents towards the National Congress.

The REC noting that the discussion documents have since been released by the NTT agreed to convene a special Regional General Council on Saturday 06 September. This special Regional General Council will be attended by the delegates as elected in their respective BAGM’s. We urge the delegates and all ANCYL members to familiarize themselves with these policy discussion documents and engage them in their branches, as the REC we will make sure that printed copies of these documents are available in all ANC Offices in the region.

Sub- Committees of the REC

The REC as mandated by the ANCYL constitution constituted a Regional Working

Committee and the following members of the REC were elected into the RWC:

1. Xolani Witbooi - Chairperson

2. Amanda Mnyute - Deputy Chairperson

3. Awethu Zumana – Secretary

4. Ludwe Mnweba – Deputy Secretary

5. Masibulele Mqoji – Treasurer

6. Zizipho Kweyi

7. Sixolisiwe Ntsasela

8. Tembani Makata

We further agreed to setup the other REC sub-committees and appoint their respective convenors, in this regard we appointed the following members of the REC Siyabonga Stompi as Convenor of the sub-committee of Organising, Political Education and Campaigns, Sithembiso Khanyile as Convenor of Media and Communications, Ludwe Mnweba as Convenor of Youth Development and Governance and Thembela Bamla as the Convenor of Education and Skills Development.

On Education

The ANCYL REC has been requested by our progressive youth alliance partner COSAS to assist in resolving the stalemate at Wongalethu Senior Secondary School in NU 2 in Mdantsane. The grade 12 students of Wongalethu have embarked on a strike action refusing to write trial examinations in Physical and Life Science as they have not had a teacher for these two subjects the whole year and thus have not been taught these subjects this year.

The REC has deployed the Regional Chairperson Cde Xolani Witbooi to lead a team of REC members that will work the COSAS leadership and other relevant stakeholders to resolve the issue.

The REC noted the challenge of shortage of teachers particularly in critical subjects like the Physical Sciences and Mathematics is not only facing Wongalethu SSS but a general challenge facing most of our township and rural schools. We therefore agreed that our Subcommittee on Education and Skills Development must arrange meetings with COSAS, Learner Representative Councils, SGB’s, the Department of Education and all other relevant stakeholders to engage on the issue and develop a sustainable solution to this challenge. As the ANCYL we want to make it clear that education is our priority and in this regard we will spare no effort to ensure that the black child in particular has access to quality education.

On the Progressive Youth Alliance

We noted the state of the Progressive Youth Alliance, in that the PYA components do not have regular meetings or joint programs and that this situation gives rise to opportunistic elements to divide our alliance. The ANCYL as the leader of the PYA will take responsibility and convene a meeting of the Officials of the PYA components within the region, this meeting will the prepare to host a full summit of the Progressive Youth Alliance in Buffalo City region.

As the REC we committed ourselves to building a united progressive youth alliance that will be the voice and champion of youth interests within the Buffalo City Region.

Issued by ANC Youth League Buffalo City REC


Awethu Zumana

ANCYL Buffalo City

Regional Secretary