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ANC Youth League Buffalo City Region holds special REC

May 7, 2015
ANC Youth League Buffalo City Region holds special REC

The African National Congress Youth League (ANCYL) Buffalo City Region held its Special REC on Wednesday and these were some of its resolutions amid preparations towards the ANC Regional Congress.

"The REC agreed that Youth month is an important month to young people and as such we must radically change our approach towards observing its importance in this regard, we propose that we discontinue the practice of bussing young people to a youth day rally and talk to them and they then go back home. 

"We propose a series of meaningful dialogues about our common heritage, history and heroic struggles by generations that precede our current generation," said Sthembiso Khanyile, Spokesperson of the region, in a statement.

He said it was resolved that the Buffalo City Metropolitan Municipality must develop a comprehensive youth development strategy and a Buffalo City Youth Summit should be convened as part of the process of developing this strategy.

"A Youth Unit located in the Office the Executive Mayor should be established to drive the development and subsequently champion the implementation of the Buffalo City youth development strategy," said Kanyisile.

On Governance

"The REC bemoaned the consistent negative publicity that continues to bedevil the Buffalo City Metropolitan Municipality.  These include the recent events to exclude the members of the public from an ordinary seating of Council whose notice was publicised in the print media. 

"The ANCYL believes that we live in a rules-based society and as such we must all abide by the constitution and all its prescripts on how we handle responsibilities associated with public office," he said. 

"We have noted the good story that is being told by the BCMM in the recent IDP public hearings about our successes to win a number of awards in Human Settlements, our 80% plus green drop status and progress in appointing HODs, we urge the Municipal Manager and Executive Mayor to expedite the filling of critical vacancies that still remain unfilled as this has a negative effect on service delivery, particularly Human Settlements, Community Services and Local Economic Development."

On the 2nd Regional Congress of the ANC

The ANCYL will be attending the soon to be convened Regional Congress as a fully delegated structure of the ANC with full voting and deliberating rights. 

"As such the REC deliberated on the policy submissions and programmes to be highlighted, some are already captured on the earlier part of this statement," said Kanyisile. 

"We had on the period leading to yesterday’s meeting embarked on a region wide consultation with the Veterans League and Women’s league and branch leaders of the ANC on a leadership discussion and they agreed with us that we need to balance between change and continuity, ensure that there is a sufficient mix of youth and experience."

He said that it was agreed that the leadership preference that should take forward the ANC should be comprised of the best sons and daughters of Buffalo City Region who represent the best traditions of the ANC. 

"Our leadership framework and preference is guided by ‘through the eye of the needle’ document  which led us to the following tried and tested cadres who have an unblemished track record in service of our movement, we further believe that this collective will restore the stature and dignity of the ANC in the region:

Chairperson:           Mninawa Nyusile

Deputy Chairperson:       Temba Tinta

Secretary:    Mxolisi Dimaza

Deputy Secretary:Nomfezeko Ngesi

Treasurer: Nozizwe Otola."

Kanyisile said that this leadership collective is reflective of all the strands of the National Liberation Movement, the backgrounds straddled from the student movement, youth movement, labour movement and our working class vanguard movement.

"The ANCYL agreed to consistently work with all the ANC branches and members alike to unite and not polarise the ANC. 

"We will work hard during BGMs and other organisational platforms to propagate for our preference whilst we will also be amenable to being persuaded otherwise within the spirit of not denigrating any of the leaders who are not party to our preference," he said.

"We take leaf from our forebears not to ever engage in negative campaigns but rather focus on the strength of those we prefer to lead our glorious movement towards a decisive victory in the 2016 local government elections."