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Angel in a fireman’s uniform helps 7-year-old Siphosethu Ncandana walk

By Afikile Lugunya - Apr 26, 2018
Angel in a fireman’s uniform helps 7-year-old Siphosethu Ncandana walk

Angels do exist and a 7–year-old Port Elizabeth girl, Siphosethu Ncandana, met them in a fireman’s uniform at an event held on Wednesday to ensure that she will be able to walk and wear shoes like other children.

The good Samaritan, Alton Senekal, a Nelson Mandela Bay Municipality fireman, was touched by the Siphosethu’s story after seeing her while doing his daily duties at Kwanobuhle in Uitenhage where a fire had broke out in 2015.

Siphosethu was born with hypomelia, a condition where growth of the bones below her knees were affected. As a result, she had both her legs amputated at the tender age of two.

Senekal was more interested on where she stays and another fireman, Lungile Mni, coincidently knew exactly where to find her and without hesitation he introduced himself to the family.

It was then that he learnt that Siphosethu was an orphan, living her with her grandmother, Pinky Ncandana (71).

Ncandana also acted as her primary caregiver with help from a family member Yolandi Jaftha (27).

The two NMB firemen took it upon themselves to help improve little Siphosethu’s life - and that of her grandmother.

While they helped Ncandana to undergo an eye operation, they also paid for Siphosethu’s back-to-back trips to the hospital for corrective amputation and subsequently got her a wheelchair.

The two also organised groceries for the family and on Wednesday, gave her prosthetic legs - enabling her to walk for the first time and wear shoes.

"I am doing this to encourage others to do good as well. If every person extends a hand to only one other individual to help, this world will already be a much better place,” Senekal said.

Jaftha described Siphosethu as a person, who is full of life and has always dreamed of wearing her own shoes just like other learners at Stephen Nkomo Primary School where she is doing her Grade 2.

“I am very happy that she got legs and that she will be able to walk on her own, she liked to play with other children at school, but she would fall because she didn’t have legs like other children,” Gogo Ncandana said.