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Another step forward for Telkom Park development

NOVEMBER 12, 2014
Another step forward for Telkom Park development

The Mandela Bay Development Agency has issued a request for proposals for costing proposals for the development of a precinct plan and guidelines for the development of Telkom Park.

In a recent report to the Economic Development, Tourism and Agriculture Committee, MBDA CEO Pierre Voges said that progress to date included approval by Council of the Local Spatial Development Framework.

Future development, he explained, would be around retail, residential, office and tourism/leisure/entertainment which might include an international conference centre.

In addition, he said, full engineering reports had been completed “as the land is difficult to build on (being in a flood line),” while the land had also been valued.

Voges said an expression of interest had been developed and released in May this year with eight responses having been received. This had formed the basis for the request for proposals on the development of the land.

He points out that one of the decisions that has to be taken by Council is whether the land should be leased or sold, adding that the MBDA favour the lease option.

This will enable “some control through the development guidelines over the next decade or two”.

He said that a well-worked out precinct plan was required “to determine the extent and depth” of retail, residential and other elements.

This, he spelled out, meant that market research would have to be conducted into the various sectors “to determine gaps in the market” that existed currently and what gaps might exist in the future.

He said the market research would, for example, look at areas such as whether there was room for another hotel in the Telkom Park development and, if so, what grade of hotel should be constructed. - metrominutes