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Apparently Zuma given 48-hour ultimatum to vacate office, ANC NEC to address media

Feb 13, 2018
Apparently Zuma given 48-hour ultimatum to vacate office, ANC NEC to address media

Is it finally the last few hours of the Jacob Zuma Presidency? That is the question on the minds of South Africans on Tuesday after several media reports suggested that the African National Congress (ANC) National Executive Committee (NEC), which met on Monday, resolved to recall Zuma.

Apparently, he was offered an ultimatum to resign within 48 hours or face the embarrassment of a recall – and if that does not work, have him fall when he faces his ninth motion of no confidence in Parliament later this month.

As happened last week throughout the so-called ‘transitional talks’ between ANC President, Cyril Ramaphosa, and Zuma, the ANC has remained mum on the goings on at the negotiations.

According reports, the decision to recall Zuma was taken at the special NEC meeting that began on Monday afternoon and ended at around 3am on Tuesday morning.

The meeting was called to discuss Zuma’s fate after the NEC again met on Saturday. The outcome of the Saturday meeting is also a matter of speculation.

Apparently, Zuma, who has refused to go without a fight or until a set demands are met – according to some reports, has now changed his tune and said he wanted to leave office in three months’ time to allow him to introduce Ramaphosa to South Africa’s international partners.

That was rejected by the NEC, which is now expected to issue an official communication to confirm their decision that they will recall Zuma if he does not voluntarily leave office.

All at this point is a matter of rumour and speculation at this point. However, the ANC NEC is now expected to brief the media on the outcomes of Monday’s meeting at Luthuli House at 12pm on Tuesday.

Ramaphosa and Zuma have been meeting since last week, in an attempt to strike a deal. That saw the 2018 State of the Nation (SONA), which was due to be presented by Zuma on Thursday last week, being postponed at the last minute.

Indications are also that the ANC are trying to avoid having Zuma to appear before Parliament for an impeachment motion, and are trying to manage the ‘transition’ internally. Going to Parliament would mean ceding power to opposition parties that are already planning how to oust Zuma if the ANC fails to deliver.