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Armed robber shot and killed after pointing firearm at police officers

Jun 13, 2018
Armed robber shot and killed after pointing firearm at police officers

During the early hours of Wednesday morning, a yet to be identified robbery suspect was shot and killed by police officers after pointing a firearm at them.

"This followed after Kwazakele SAPS and K9 members were busy patrolling Seyisi Street, New Brighton, when they spotted two suspicious males at about 01:30," described police spokesperson, Captain Andre Beetge.

"The two males split up in different directions after seeing the police members. One suspect pointed a firearm at the members and the members fired shots at him, fatally wounding him.

"The other suspect, a 24 year old male, was arrested by the members a few meters away."

He was identified as a wanted suspect in a Mount Road case of theft out of motor vehicle since August 2018.

"In the possession of the deceased suspect, a gas-operated pistol was found, as well as stolen belonings of a person robbed in an armed robbery they committed minutes earlier," Capt Beetge said.

While on the scene, a 25 year old complainant came forward to open a robbery case.

"He claimed to have been robbed by the two suspects minutes before the police arrival. He identified the goods as his belongings that was robbed from him in the same street by the same suspects at about 00:30."

An inquest docket was opened at New Brighton, as well as an armed robbery case.

The 24-year-old suspect will be appearing in the New Brighton Magistrate's Court on Thursday on charges of armed robbery.