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Armed robbers target homes in Jeffreys Bay and Uitenhage

Sep 10, 2018
Armed robbers target homes in Jeffreys Bay and Uitenhage

Police are investigating two separate house robbery incidents that happened in Jeffreys Bay and Uitenhage over the weekend.

"The first incident occurred on Saturday, at around 05:00am.

"It is alleged that house occupants in Lantern Street, Jeffreys Bay, were asleep when they were woken by the sound of a sliding door being forced open," said police spokesperson, Sergeant Majola Nkohli. 

"One of the suspects armed with a firearm held a couple at gunpoint.

"Suspects managed to steal two cellphones, two laptops and a television set before fleeing the scene."

Sgt Nkohli said that no person was injured during the incident.

He added that the second incident occurred on Saturday, at around 3am.

"It is alleged that an unknown number of suspects, one armed with a firearm stormed into a house in Angelier Street, Uitenhage, though an open sliding door.

"A house occupant, who was awake at the time, threw empty bottles at the suspects and also activated an alarm button," he described.

"The suspects were then forced to flee with menial stolen items.

"At the scene, police gathered crucial evidence, which the suspects left behind."

Sgt Nkohli said that police are following all leads and the arrest is imminent.