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Arson attack at NMMU as it prepares to resume classes on Tuesday

By Jesica Slabbert - Oct 17, 2016
Arson attack at NMMU as it prepares to resume classes  on Tuesday

While the Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University (NMMU) over the weekend announced plans to resume the 2016 academic year on Tuesday following a month-long #FeesMustFall shutdown, a building was set alight at the institution early on Monday morning.

The building is believed to be the XM NMMU Clubhouse, which is located on the university's South Campus.

It was unclear at the time of publishing, as to the cause of the fire or who might have been responsible - but there has been speculation that this is an attempt by disgruntled protesters to stop the NMMU from re-opening its doors.

The NMMU #FeesMustFall movement was quick to distance itself from the arson attack in a post on their Facebook page, adding that they condemn the burning of the very institution that they are fighting to return to.

“We have been informed of an NMMU facility that was set alight in the early hours of the morning. We are very angry that our facilities have been disrespected to this degree, similarly we are of the opinion that arson is not a revolutionary act but a crime that should not go unattended, thus as a movement we strongly condemn such acts,” the movement said.

“The law when unjust should be challenged, but we will never be able to justify the destruction of spaces that are used by the same people we are fighting for in the name of building a better future, it is counterintuitive and against our principles.”

More details to follow.