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Artemis Pole Academy knocks audience off their feet!

By Jesica Slabbert - Jul 3, 2018
Artemis Pole Academy knocks audience off their feet!

Gravity defying stunts and sultry dancing was served to a full house in the Tramways Building on Friday, as the The Artemis Pole Dancing Academy hosted their 6th annual Showcase.

In the showcase, the students of the Artemis Pole Academy have a chance to show off what they have learned and to show the people of Port Elizabeth what pole dancing is all about.

The show was completely sold out, but the demand was so high that standing tickets were sold to appease the vast interest shown for this showcase; which gets bigger and bigger every year.

The showcase also helps the academy raise funds and to fund students who have received an opportunity to go overseas for pole dancing.

Not to be confused with what strippers do, the Artemis Pole Dancing Academy is a fitness activity; where the students learn to be agile and develop their arm and leg strength.

Tharene, the Director of Artemis Pole Dancing Academy, says that pole dancing’s origins were more fitness related before it became known as a sensual activity.

“I always tell people that pole dancing originated in China and India long ago, and it was a sign of masculinity. They did all kinds of gymnastics and tricks on thick wooden poles, and it was only in the 1820’s that it became more of a sensual thing. Girls would climb on the poles of tents to keep the crowd busy while the circus performers got ready,” explained Tharene.

Pole dancing has recently made a comeback in the sporting world since the old days, and people are pushing for it to be recognized as an Olympic sport, which might happen in the near future.

“I want people to understand that this is not easy and that you need to train your butt off to be able to do this,” said Tharene.

And pole dancing is not strictly an activity for women, during the showcase four men stepped up and performed amazing feats and stunts that left the crowd in totally awe; one of them was local comedian and radio presenter Roland Gaspar.

To end the show, all the ladies dressed in spectacular steampunk clothing and performed as a group; delighting the audience.

Have an interest in joining the next showcase? Curios about pole dancing fitness? Contact the Artemis Pole Dancing Academy on Facebook and you can see first-hand what pole fitness is all about!

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