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Artists to showcase talent at Good Music @Last Vol 4 show in East London

By Yolanda Palezweni - Jul 28, 2017
Artists to showcase talent at Good Music @Last Vol 4 show in East London

Music lovers in the East London area are in for a treat on Saturday when several Eastern Cape-based artists will be performing live at the Good Music @Last Vol 4 show at the Beach Front Lounge, in East London.

The show aims to showcase and promote local artists to create opportunities for them, to embrace our heritage and spread positive messages of social reform through live music.

Speaking to RNEWS, organiser of the event, Solomzi Mjayesi, said that Good Music @Last Vol. 4 is an existing idea of Artside Space collaborating with Beach Front Lounge.

“The first one we did was at Incognito Lounge, Vol.2 was hosted at African Freedom Station, Melville, Johannesburg and Vol.3 was in Newtown Johannesburg,” said Mjayezi.

He added that there are not a lot of Live Band Music events in East London and the event aims to promote live music concerts. 

“The most talented artists in this country are from Eastern Cape, that ongoing cycle of musicians rising is getting better every year and there are not a lot of Live Band Music performance events happening,” described Mjayezi.

He added that the focus is always on Dj's and the Good Music @Last event wants to create a vibrant atmosphere for art and live music lovers, while at the same time creating platforms for the undiscovered rich talent we have in Eastern Cape.

The exciting line-up for the show includes, Afrorists, Soul Bi Jazz, Transkei Republik and Izithunywa Zohlanga

Izithunywa Zohlanga, are the Legendary Hip Hop duo from Eastern Cape, whose debut  - Ingqondi Zenkcubeko, hit South African streets back in 2006. They have since found a home in a lot of Hip Hop headz' collections.

The duo is known for their well-executed rhyme construction and deep Xhosa rhetoric, accompanied by hard core yet melodic beats, Pura (Igqala) and Liyo (Kantu) coined the term 'Umculo Buciko' referring to their style and delivery.

Native Revolution Movement Transkei Republik Live Band featuring Sasa Mamzangwa Jobodwana, Tsi Khaile & David Matroos was conceptualized amongst friends, who had a shared passion for live music, the arts and culture.

Afrorists, a Live Band recently formed in March 2017, by five University of Fort Hare music students - all driven by the same force, which is their undying love for music.

SoulBiJazz, the band has hopes of growing within the local seen and working with artists in all music genres in their journey to making SoulBiJazz a household name bringing soulful and original music to all music lovers in the Eastern Cape.

Speaking to RNEWS, SoulBiJazz member, Yanga Ziwele, said that the show will be a great opportunity for the emerging local artists to interact with each other on stage.

“This is an opportunity for us to grow in the music industry and a chance to see how other artist express themselves and tell the same story that we tell in their own creative way,” said Ziwele.

“We grateful to the Good Music @ Last for the exposure as this might be a one step to success in terms of our music career."

He added that, as artists, they hope that fans could come in numbers and support the young emerging talent in the Eastern Cape and spread the love for music.

General admission tickets cost R150 and are available at 076 651 7933 / 076 799 7957. It will be R180 at the door.

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