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At least 20 homes damaged or destroyed due to St Francis Bay fire

Dec 18, 2018
At least 20 homes damaged or destroyed due to St Francis Bay fire

A number of Kouga Local Municipality residents have been evacuated due to the St Francis  Bay fire.

At least 20 houses - especially the ones with thatched roofs, have reportedly been either destroyed or damaged by the runaway fires.

Authorities said that they believe the fire might have started been started by a bush fire and ended up among the houses along Harbour Road, in St Francis Bay.

Strong gale force winds in the area are also not making things easier for local residents and firefighters as they continue to fan the flames.

Earlier on, the Kouga Local Municipality ordered the evacuation of residents and holiday-makers in the surrounding area, along St Francis Drive up to Assissi Drive, due to the fire.

Residents have also made social media appeals for water and beverages for the firefighters battling the blaze.

While local authorities cordoned off the area, some residents expressed frustration that there were onlookers that were impeding the efforts of the firefighters.

Reinforcements called in to battle St Francis Bay fire

The Kouga Municipality has since called for reinforcements to assist in battling runaway fires.

"The despatching of a chopper has been authorised by the Kouga municipal manager. It is not airborne as yet but will be on its way shortly to ensure that the fire is put to an end," the Disaster Volunteer Group of St Francis Bay posted on Facebook.

"Take caution, especially as gas bottles are exploding in the burning homes.

"Thank you to the community for all wanting to assist with donations of water and food supplies to the fire fighters, however this is not necessary at this stage as they have been sufficiently catered for."

It added that a Medical Centre has been set up at the bottom of the United Church with beds, drips, oxygen, eye drops.

Social media has also seen a pouring of sympathy for the residents of St Francis Bay. Several residents, who are away from the town for the Festive Season holidays have also taken to social media appealing for desperate information on the status of their own homes.

Authorities said that while the fire is under control at the moment, the strong gale force wind might cause further flare ups.

More to follow…

Images supplied by Julie Harrison

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