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Atlas Security PE recovers stolen vehicle and goods after Charlo house robbery

Jan 15, 2015
Atlas Security PE recovers stolen vehicle and goods after Charlo house robbery

During the early hours of Thursday, Atlas Security’s Walmer Dedicated Patrol unit managed to retrieve a stolen vehicle along River Road, Walmer, the company said.

“While on patrol, the unit drove passed a suspicious vehicle with valuables visibly displayed in the car,” it said in a statement.

“The Officer alerted the Police and they assisted with the investigation.

“The vehicle had a GP device and the Police was able to track down the owners.

“When they arrived at the owner’s home in Yorkshire Road in Charlo, they heard someone scream for help. When they entered the house, they found the owners son tied up.”

Atlas Security said that it appeared that the robbers invaded the house and ransacked the place before fleeing in the victim’s vehicle and abandoned it in Walmer.

A case of house robbery is being investigated. 

Meanwhile, the company said that, together with the SAPS, it had apprehended two house burglary suspects in Mount Croix.

"Just after 23h00 on Wednesday this week, Atlas Response Officers caught an intruder who burgled a Northwood Road, Mount Croix residence.

"After receiving notification of the burglary in progress, a Response unit was dispatched and upon their arrival they caught one suspect. He was covered in blood and it was established that he cut himself when he smashed the window. The suspect was also in possession," the company said.

"The Police managed to arrest a second suspect in the area and he was in possession of an air gun. Both were taken to the Police Station for further investigation."

Photo caption: The vehicle that was recovered by Atlas Security in Walmer. Image: Atlas Security via Facebook.