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ATM conman put away for nine years

SEPTEMBER 30, 2015
ATM conman put away for nine years

Police in the Free State have welcomed the nine-year sentence handed down by the Specialized Commercial Crime Court of Bloemfotein to Sabelo Sibande, 35, who was convicted by the court on charges of stealing ATM cards and stealing more than R22 000 from the victims' bank accounts.

According to the police, the accused would approach his victims at ATM’s and pretended to assist them and ultimately he will steal their bank cards. The victims would only realise that they had been conned when they received an sms of withdrawal on their cellphones.

Fourteen cases of theft, fraud, shoplifting and robberies were registered against the accused in the following towns Welkom, Thabong and Odendaalsrus. Between 2013 and 2015, the accused stole from his victims amounts ranging between R70 and R5 929, which later totalled to R 22 479.  

Two detectives from Welkom, Detective Constable Samuel Seloana and Detective Constable Yvonne Ngake, were applauded for their thorough investigation, which led to this sentence. They took the initiative to oppose bail for the accused and collected all the dockets of other stations to make a solid case. 

Sibande was found guilty on seven charges of theft, four cases of fraud, one of shoplifting and two robberies. 

Residents are sternly warned not to allow anyone to assist them at the ATM  and never help anyone with your Identity Document especially at the money market – where transfers of money are been done.

Criminals are taking advantage of elderly people assist these criminals to do their evil deeds through these money market.           

“I am very proud of these young detectives who ensured that they combine all the dockets of the accused and conduct a thorough investigation which led to this conviction. I wish them well in their Police career,” says the Acting Station Commander of Welkom, Colonel Thabo Ramootsi.