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ATM Eastern Cape wants harsher penalties for botched circumcision deaths

Dec 30, 2019
ATM Eastern Cape wants harsher penalties for botched circumcision deaths

Mthatha - The African Transformation Movement (ATM) in the Eastern Cape on Saturday said that it was deeply saddened by the continuous deaths of initiates in the province.

"The death of initiates unceremoniously, prematurely and permanently cheats fathers and mothers of a life time with their children," said African Transformation Movement Communications head in the Eastern Cape, Zama Ntshona.

"It leaves families devastated as they watch their hopes and dreams for their children disintegrate and vanishing onto thin air.

"This is why as ATM we believe that this rite of passage that is still an integral part of the lives and pride of South Africans, must be closely monitored and laws tightened so as to promote adherence to the agreed upon precepts and stop the senseless deaths of initiates in accordance to customary law."

Ntshona added that it is shocking to learn in this day and age of botched circumcision due to the procedure undertaken by unregistered iiNgcibi nama Khankatha.

"As ATM, we call for the prosecution of all those who play with the lives of our children when they know that they have no business in matter unless recognized and accredited by traditional authorities and relevant government institution," he described.

"Appalling reports reveal that the young men in the province are still subjected to inhuman practises which include deprivation of water which leads to dehydration and death.

"As ATM, we believe that this is indicative of insufficient knowledge on the part of amaKhankatha and we call for an Imbizo to speak on the harmonization of information disseminated with the practises on the ground."

Ntshona added that it is regrettable to find surfacing reports of some traditional leaders, who are custodians of this ritual yet, they abscond their duties in this ritual.

"ATM calls for the House of Traditional leaders to intervene on the matter and see to it that all traditional authorities adhere to their given mandate and duties as to reduce loss of life. There are also reports that initiates are still subjected to torture and victimization as men not sanctioned to look after them still in parts insist on performing duties not designated to them, much to the detriment of the initiates," he added.

"ATM calls on charges of attempted murder and murder on whom so ever is found guilty of such and must face the full might of the law. ATM calls for the development of a detailed record keeping program that will indicate successes and failures of iiNgcibi namaKhankatha, making it easy to identify and solve problems."

He said that the ATM further calls on:

  • Families to put their differences aside during this time for the benefit of their children and constantly visit their children so as to be able to monitor their progress.
  • Traditional authorities must lead using Customary Law provisions so as to elevate a culture true to Africans, African values and customs, enabling the practise of uLwaluko to be done in accordance with the culture of each tribe and clan.
  • Government must continue to play a supporting role to traditional leadership, ready to intervene through their respective platforms when the need arises and make those who have violated the true spirit of the custom to answer for their violations.

"Lastly, ATM promotes the freedom of various nations to practise their cultures without limitation, promoting pro-life practises."

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