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Attempted assassination highlights rot in ANC-led alliance: SACP Eastern Cape

Apr 13, 2017
Attempted assassination highlights rot in ANC-led alliance: SACP Eastern Cape

The South African Communist Party (SACP) in the Eastern Cape on Wednesday joined the SACP Central Committee in condemning the alleged attempted assassination of its 2nd Deputy General Secretary, Solly Mapaila, at the Chris Hani memorial on Monday. The memorial was also attended by President Jacob Zuma and Hani's wife.

"The attempted assassination on Cde Solly Mapaila by rented rogue elements proves the rot in the African National Congress (ANC) -led movement that the party has been talking about," said SACP Eastern Cape Provincial Spokesperson, Siyabonga Mdodi.

"It is unimaginable that the corrupt and greedy elements within the movement wanted to use the commemoration of the 24th Anniversary of the cowardice assassination of Comrade Chris Hani to cowardly assassinate Comrade Mapaila.

"It is disgusting that in the commemoration of our late General Secretary there are those who attempted to use it to silence the SACP and to spill blood in his gravesite in front of his family and comrades."

Mdodi further said that the "lumpen elements" within the movement, who prevented Mapaila from delivering the SACP message, because of their fear of the SACP voice, cannot be distanced from the attempted assassination.

"We reject all the attempts that have sought to isolate Comrade Mapaila, he represent what we stand for as the entire SACP.

"This represents the worst form of political erosion and the dangers of the patronage network that has captured the ANC-headed movement. These are the results of ongoing corruption and rent seeking that we have been condemning. It is incumbent upon all of us in the movement to unite and combat the faces and the proxies of this dangerous degeneration," he said. 

"We are fully support the action taken by our national leadership, that of opening a criminal case and discussing the matter with the alliance partners. We wish to say to our leadership, do not be deterred by rented hooligans and keep on fighting against the monopoly capture of our movement and our country.

"We commit ourselves as the as the province to fight fearlessly  in defense of our country sovereignty, our Red Flag, our independence and right to represent the interest of the working class as a basis of our very existence."