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Attracting the right clients and leads

By Matt Clark - Dec 7, 2016
Attracting the right clients and leads

Many businesses face a multitude of challenges in the competitive landscape of today, one being finding the right sales opportunities and the right leads, these consist of customers, who have completed, or are in the process of completing, your nurture campaign cycle. It goes without saying, getting more qualified leads and attracting the right clients is critical to taking your business to the next level. It is really all about smart marketing.

For instance if you spend R1000 and 10 hours on marketing your business to an audience of about 10 000, and out of that, you get 100 people who respond to your ads –these are the ‘Hot Leads’. You follow up with them and 10 of them turn into clients, most people will call this a good day, right? 

However what about the other 90 respondents who showed interest in your product or services?

Research shows that most people prefer taking educated purchasing decisions which may need about eight touch points before they buy. These touch points can be a combination of calls, emails, texts, direct mail or any other form of contact which would help build the connection and help them make a well informed decision.

With that said the problem with traditional marketing is that it can be difficult to measure, takes time and manual effort to generate and often leads to disappointing results. When marketing is difficult to measure it is impossible to see what is working and what isn’t. It is also difficult to know who the right clients are before you spend time and effort engaging with them. 

For most people running a company in the 21st century, Internet marketing strategies are an indispensable part of the business plan. Most businesses should already be doing some form of web marketing through social media, Google AdWords, blog pages, SEO etc. any business that wants a broad customer reach should research the potential of a solid Internet marketing strategy.

However the scary part is that although most businesses are doing some form of internet marketing, they don’t even realize they are losing many sales off their website. Most businesses focus on the hot leads and the immediate sales, which are nice, but they only account for a very small percentage of the actual potential of sale.

If you haven’t heard of marketing and sales automation, now is the time to start because the systems have become more affordable for SMME’s. Marketing and sales automation is the process of taking your sales and marketing efforts and plugging it into a system that allows you to market and convert sales. It allows you to build a connection with your customers without physically being present.

In a nutshell automation helps sort out the people who are just browsing from the people who are ready to buy right now (HOT leads) and enables a business to keep top of mind contact with the people who do not buy right now, so that when they are ready, they are first on the list. Statistics show that 67% of people that visit a website or store will buy within 12 months – businesses just need to make sure it’s from them! This is why it is important to nurture every lead.

For starters, businesses need to understand who their ideal client is. Without knowing who your ideal customer is, how will you know who your most qualified leads are? Business owners need to be as detailed as possible so they can communicate and market to customers in the right way.

Secondly, understand the sales pipeline. What stage are potential clients in? How long should they be in each stage? What is the probability of closing at that stage? What are the questions that the business needs answered? What are the questions the client needs to be answered? How many times should you be contacting them before they make a decision?

Only then can a tactical marketing strategy and plan be formulated. In addition, with more and more people being active online - searching for services or products, checking out prices or finding out what’s new – businesses miss out on many leads that they are not bringing into their sales pipeline.

Educate to Sell More

It is important to understand what the target audience wants and provide them with the solution that best fits that problem.  Businesses need to understand what questions potential customers will have before they buy from them (product details, cost, warranty, proof) and decide how to address these concerns (Email series, videos, reports, website, FAQ’s). They need to know what the customer needs in order to buy from them, (product details, cost, warranty, proof) and know where and when to address these concerns. This process can all be setup to automatically send to prospects throughout their buying cycle.

Make the offer

People will buy if the offer appeals to them. Businesses need to make the offer compelling enough so that they take notice and take action. A way to do this is by observing previous buying actions and matching it to their sales process. With a sales and marketing automation tool, you can track a prospects behaviours or activities online to determine how interested they are in a product or service.

For example, a prospect downloads a report (having given you their email address) and then doesn’t open any emails. You are not going to waste your time calling them. But if a prospect downloads a report and then buys a R50.00 tripwire offer, you may consider this a hot lead and give them a call.

Businesses also need to know what their customers’ buying process looks like. How do they get from step one to buying? How do they know when a lead is HOT? What actions have they taken to show them they are hot? What are the key objections customers will give them before buying? What is their compelling offer? What happens to everyone else who doesn’t decide to purchase right away? When should they extend the offer?

Close More Sales

In this day and age, closing a sale is more than just getting a piece of paper signed and money to change hands; it is the sign that businesses can begin the WOW process where the relationship gets deeper. This is the process of lead nurturing.

Creating a sales and marketing strategy for a business can be a daunting task and includes systems, tools and a few neat tricks to specifically target the audience they are trying to attract. Marketing a business involves more than a beautiful storefront, nice signage, a well-designed website etc.  If businesses are prepared to spend the initial effort setting up a marketing and sales automation strategy, the rewards will be far greater. 

Image: Matt Clark is the CEO of The Virtual Edge and the author of The Automation Playbook: How To Replace Staff, 50x Your Sales and Automate Your Growth Online.