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AUDIO: Bobani claims a recording exists of Mayor Trollip verbally abusing Adams

Dec 13, 2017
AUDIO: Bobani claims a recording exists of Mayor Trollip verbally abusing Adams

Commenting on the ouster of former Democratic Alliance (DA) Councillor for the Nelson Mandela Bay Municipality's Ward 1, Rashied Adams, former Deputy Executive Mayor, Mongameli Bobani, on Wednesday accused Executive Mayor, Athol Trollip, of being involved in an apparent plot to remove Adams.

Addressing a press conference on Tuesday, Adams also claimed that he had been abused while working under Trollip and claimed that the Mayor once told him that his election to represent Ward 1 had caused a rift in the party - apparently because he was the wrong colour.

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However, DA Eastern Cape Provincial Leader, Nqaba Bhanga, insisted that failure to pay his membership fee is what led to Adams' expulsion.

Still, according to Bobani; "On July 10, after a caucus meeting in the Gelvendale Community Hall, Port Elizabeth, then Councillor Rashied Adams received a text message to report to the adjacent office of Ward 10 Councillor and Deputy Chief Whip, Andy Jordan. Trollip, accompanied by Chief Whip, Werner Senekal; Caucus Chairperson, Retief Odendaal, and Jordan, was waiting for Adams.

"Adams was told to improve his effort, and Trollip demanded, for the second time, the telephone number of Adams’s father, apparently to call Adams Senior and tell him what Junior had to do to survive as a councillor, and what was expected of Junior.

"On an earlier occasion, Trollip sent a text message to Senekal [saying], 'Please tell Rashied Adams that if he doesn't give me a valid and current number for his father he will regret it immediately'."

Bobani claims that Trollip was recorded yelling at Adams, "If you don't send me your father's telephone number by 5pm, on my phone, don't tell me how am I, I don't wanna talk to you about my health. If you don't send me your father's telephone number by this evening, 5 o'clock, Rashied Adams, I'm gonna write to Nqaba and tell him to proceed to have you removed as a ward councillor. Your days are over of lying and bullshitting; you choose what you going to do, you f*cken choose today and I promise you, if you break one more undertaking and tell one more lie, I will f*ck you up."

Below is the audio clip in which Trollip allegedly abuses Adams:


"Calling a junior before a cabal of the most senior, and most powerful colleagues - the Executive Mayor; Chief Whip; Deputy Chief Whip; and the Caucus Chairperson. A well-known tactic in gangdom," he added.

"Approaching family members to intimidate. A well-known tactic in thugdom.

"Trollip runs his caucus like he runs the Council, like he runs his farm - by intimidation; not by cooperation. Like Alec Baldwin’s Blake in Glengarry Glen Ross; not like Al Pacino’s Tony D’Amato in Any Given Sunday.

"Do as I say, or else. The very foundation of baasskap, which, in turn, was the very foundation of apartheid. And, let us not ever forget, the DA is the only relevant South African political party with roots in the apartheid parliament.

"No wonder DA leader Mmusi Maimane looks the other way in forced silence when Trollip starts swearing at people."

Bobani calimed that Patriotic Alliance Councillor, Marlon Daniels, recalled hearing Trollip, on occasion, refer to the plot to remove Adams.

He said that Daniels wrote on Facebook, on Wednesday, that 'I too believe that Trollip threatened to harm [Adams] physically, because as I got to know Trollip, he would have personally responded to such allegations and he would have personally denied same if it is that he did not threaten Adams

'He is so transparent, he uses the puppet (DA Eastern Cape Leader, and NMBM Councillor Nqaba) Bhanga to deny such claims on his behalf, in order for him to come clean when the truth comes out, whereby he will say that Bhanga denied it and not him.'

"It is the worst kept secret in Nelson Mandela Bay politics that several DA councillors had had enough of Trollip’s baasskap. So far only Adams had demonstrated the courage to call Trollip’s bluff. Politics needs the resolve of ousted Councillor Rashied Adams," Bobani said.

"Well done, young man. Well done. And, Mayor Trollip… No man. This is no way to motivate. This is no way to run a caucus. This is no way to run a Metro Council. This is no way to run a coalition. This is no way to lead. Leave. For the sake of the people of Nelson Mandela Bay. Leave."

On Monday, Bobani also accused the Mayor of apparently running the Nelson Mandela Bay like a farm. Watch the video HERE.

At the end of November, Trollip and Council Speaker, Jonathan Lawack, survived motions of no confidence brought against them by Daniels and Bobani.