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Author needs help publishing water crisis awareness book for children

By Afikile Lugunya - Nov 14, 2017
Author needs help publishing water crisis awareness book for children

The Nelson Mandela Bay Municipality area, like many other drought-stricken regions in the Eastern and Southern Cape, has been facing water challenges.

Consequently, a local resident, 25-year-old Mzwamadoda Mvimbeni, has authored a children’s book called, The Dream City, with which he aims to educate children about saving water.

The colourful book features many illustrations, which demonstrate the ‘save water’ message, without using more than 10 words per page.

Mvimbeni told RNEWS that the book is not just about saving water but also about promoting a culture of reading among the younger generations.

The Dream Cityis a children’s book that I wrote to educate children about environment, electricity theft, how to save water,” he described.

“I wrote the book as an illustration that relates to children and makes it easier for them to understand what the message is and to help the City - as you already know, in Nelson Mandela Bay we are facing a water crisis.

“I’m inspired by kids and I think that the future of the country is depended on the young ones; they are the ones that will drive this country even after we are gone.”

According to Mvimbeni, children play a very important role in our society and after visiting pre-schools located in the Bay, he discovered a shortage of learning materials.

“I want to distribute this book to pre-schools here in Port Elizabeth because I went to 42 different pre-schools in Port Elizabeth and I found out that they all don’t have proper learning materials for kids.

“Teachers try their best, but there’s no tangible material where children can even read at home in this country that has a massive challenge of reading,” he said.

To date, Mvimbeni, who is self-publishing, has only managed to get one copy of the book printed as he doesn’t have funds to print many copies.

“I’m still looking for funds so that I can be able to distribute this book to pre-schools here in Port Elizabeth,” he said.

“The book is going to cost R300 a copy, but if you buy more than 10, you will get a discount of R100 per copy.”

Mvimbeni has also been appealing to various companies for help in making the book available in stores.