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Auto industry reactions: Ford

Auto industry reactions: Ford

Two thousand-and-fifteen was a breakthrough year for the Ford Motor Company of Southern Africa (FMCSA) with the highest number of vehicles launched yet, and the first factory assembly operation outside South Africa in Nigeria.

With ten new vehicles launched into the market, we have increased sales greatly compared to 2014, and our brand is stronger than ever.

In November we increased sales by 12.3%, which is very strong considering the rest of the industry only increased by 0.4% compared to November 2014. As of November, we have sold 72 134 vehicles.

It may seem like a stroke of luck, but those who look closely will see that we have committed to doing things differently. Yes, we continue to bring the highest quality products to our customers, and do so at affordable prices, but this is only half of the story.

For FMCSA, people are the drivers of our great success. As we continue to see increasing demand for our products, we rely ever more heavily on the skills and talents of our dedicated workforce and dealers.

It is so important to continue to improve the sustainability of our business for our Ford employees, and also to build a better world for the communities we operate in.

2015 was marked by many remarkable moments we should all be proud of.

It was a year of tens. We not only launched the most number of new products in our entire history, we also marked the 10th year of our Global Week of Caring. Celebrating this milestone, we decided to extend a week into a month, during September, calling it the ‘Global Month of Caring’.

During the month each Ford employee dedicated their time to community projects around the locations in which we operate. Over 30 projects selected across Sub-Saharan Africa, with over 940 employees taking time off work to give back to the community.

Our employee engagement programmes ensure that employees across all divisions experience more of the products and the brand at a much deeper level.

The sale of motor cars is just one element of what we want to be known for, we want to make this world a better place and provide solutions that help with the growth of the African continent. Education, health and environmental sustainability continue to drive all our efforts and we wish to extend this influence across all our operations.