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Average dam levels for the Bay and the province just above 60%

OCTOBER 6, 2016
Average dam levels for the Bay and the province just above 60%

The average water level in the five dams supplying the Nelson Mandela Bay is hovering just above 60%, which is the same story with all the dams supplying Eastern Cape communities. 

According to figures released this week by the Department of Water and Sanitation, the Metro's reservoirs, which started the year at an average 100% full, are currently at around 62.5% full.

The biggest drop has been witnessed at the Loerie dam (the smallest dam), which was virtually full at the start of the year, but now stands at a low 25% full. Below is the latest figures;

Dam and  Current Capacity

  • Kouga dam: 65.7%
  • Churchill dam: 60.40%
  • Impofu dam: 82.7%
  • Loerie dam: 25%
  • Groendal dam: 79.1%
  • Average all: 62.1%

At the end of August, the Nelson Mandela Bay Council approved the implementation of water restrictions, with immediate effect.

"The municipality has been using approximately 60 million litres more than its allocation daily and has not taken action to address this. The Minister of Water and Sanitation gazetted a notice containing a requirement for our usage to be decreased by 15% in April this year," Cllr Annette Lovemore, Member of the Mayoral Committee: Infrastructure, Engineering, Electricity and Energy, announced then.

Local residents are encouraged to do all they can to conserve water and to report leaks to the Nelson Mandela Bay Municipality as experts have warned of a general water crisis facing the country as a whole.

The full Eastern Cape water picture is a mixture of dams that are full and others critical.

In total Eastern Cape dams are about 64% full - last year, at this time, they were an average 80% full.

Eastern Cape Province State of Dams on 2016-10-03

FSC is full storage capacity in million cubic meters

DamRiverFSCThis WeekLast WeekLast Year
Beervlei DamGroot River85.
Belfort DamMafube River0.558.559.853.9
Binfield DamTyume River36.992.192.8100.0
BoesmanskrantzdamOxkraal River4.972.973.3100.4
Bridle Drift DamBuffalo River98.065.166.5101.2
Corana DamCorana River0.820.020.829.7
Darlington DamSondags River180.927.228.043.5
De Mistkraal DamLittle Fish River2.149.783.895.6
Debe DamDebe River6.474.375.1100.0
Doornrivier DamDoorn River17.149.550.062.9
Elands Drift DamGreat Fish River3.639.963.124.5
Gcuwa DamGcuwa River0.564.218.293.7
Glen Melville Damsite6.366.370.487.8
Grassridge DamGroot Brak River46.229.528.136.5
Groendal DamSwartkops River11.779.179.1100.8
Gubu DamGubu River8.694.695.0100.8
Impofu DamKrom River105.882.783.1100.9
Katrivier DamKat River24.794.894.9100.9
Kommandodrift DamTarka River55.950.751.983.8
Kouga DamKouga River126.065.766.1100.7
Kromrivier DamKrom River35.360.661.5100.7
Laing DamBuffalo River19.099.599.5101.5
Loerie DamLoeriespruit River3.125.025.1101.4
Lubisi DamIndwe River158.153.053.480.0
Mabeleni DamMhlahlane River2.1100.095.598.4
Macubeni DamCacadu River3.485.081.191.6
Mlanga DamMlanga River1.
Nahoon DamNahoon River19.388.689.897.6
Ncora DamTsomo River147.346.346.755.3
Nqadu DamNqadu River1.331.932.262.2
Nqweba DamSondags River44.829.931.048.0
Ntenetyana DamNtenetyana River1.743.443.7#62.2
Oxkraal DamOskraal River14.933.739.5100.0
Rooikrans DamBuffalo River4.869.771.097.1
Sandile DamKeiskamma River29.770.971.5100.4
Sterkspruit DamSterkspruit River9.5#99.399.395.2
Toleni DamToleni River0.225.126.986.5
Tsojana DamTsojana River12.393.092.799.5
Umtata DamMtata River244.798.798.698.6
Waterdown DamKlipplaat River37.599.699.9101.0
Wriggleswade DamKubisi River91.587.988.0100.5
Xilinxa DamXilinxa River13.97.510.853.3
Xonxa DamWhite Kei River115.995.896.599.6