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AWESOME FOOD, GREAT SERVICE: Treat the family to supper tonight at Bonamia Restaurant

AWESOME FOOD, GREAT SERVICE: Treat the family to supper tonight at Bonamia Restaurant

A few friends and I recently decided to visit Bonamia Restaurant at the Walker Drive Shopping Centre in Port Elizabeth for an intimate dinner. Having only heard positive things about this eatery, I was quite excited to find out what everyone was raving about.

The unseasonable cold and wet weather was in stark contrast to the warm and friendly greeting by Bonamia’s maître d, who escorted us to our table. With soft music playing in the background and dimmed candles on our table and the walls, the atmosphere was of a quiet and relaxed nature – just what I needed after a long, rough day at the office.

With our drinks order placed, we were then faced with the tricky decision of choosing our dinner, as all the dishes on offer sounded tasty. Eventually, we called in the services of our friendly and efficient waitress who gave as a few suggestions.

As the wind continued to hammer the windows outside, our conversation was less breezy and more intellectual.  Our taste buds were having fun and games of their own thanks to the delicious smells emanating from the kitchen.

When the food arrived, the conversation died as, not wanting to waste a second, I dug in and immediately gave my spinach and feta-stuffed chicken schnitzel the thumbs ups. Not only were the accompanying vegetables perfectly cooked, but the schnitzel was one of the best I have had in a while.

One my friends decided to go the ocean route and ordered Bonamia’s grilled hake and crumbed calamari with a side of potato wedges and a salad. Other selections on the table included a rib and crumbed calamari combo with onion rings and potato wedges, and a vegetarian pancake stuffed with carrots, onion, mushrooms and broccoli, topped off with a creamy pesto cheese sauce and grilled mozzarella.

The silence, apart from a couple of positive comments, continued as we enjoyed and finished off our meals.

I was so impressed with the overall presentation of the food. Everything looked amazing, and judging by the empty plates, my friends agreed.

We enjoyed Bonamia’s relaxed atmosphere so much that we were the last ones to leave the restaurant! We had a great experience, with delicious food and excellent service. I would definitely recommend Bonamia as a great place for a pleasant dinner out.  I will be visiting them again soon.

Visit Bonamia Restaurant at Shop 39 Walker Drive Shopping Centre in Lorraine, Port Elizabeth, or contact them on 041 360 0635.