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Babes Wodumo finally laid charges against Mampintsha - and the fall out

By Afikile Lugunya - Mar 5, 2019
Babes Wodumo finally laid charges against Mampintsha - and the fall out

Although many were happy that finally Babes Wodumo had finally pressed charges against Mampintsha, the Twitter users questioned why Mampintsha was still walking freely while there is so much evidence to arrest him.

The amahololo hit-maker, Bongekile Simelane, popularly known as Babes Wodumo, finally laid charges on Monday against her kwaito star boyfriend, Mandla Maphumulo, popularly known as Mampintsha.

This followed after a video went viral on social media that shows Mampintsha hitting Babes Wodumo repeatedly right after she went live on Instagram in the wee hours of Monday.

This video triggered many people on social media, some feeling sorry for Babes Wodumo, while some went as far as blaming her Father, pastor Simelane.

Babes Wodumo's father accused Mampintsha for using Muthi on her

Pastor Simelane revealed to the eNCA to have known about the abuse of her daughter but only prayed about it instead of reporting the matter to the police.

"Mandla once hit my daughter infront of my only son and my son could not eat for a week the way Mampintsha was kicking my daughter,"

"Mandla is abusing my daughter.

"I know that Mandla is using Muthi for My daughter because she once told me that she found Muthi under the bed," Pastor Simelane described.

Pastor Simelane said that Babes Wodumo once found a Voodoo doll under their bed which she assumed was what Mampintsha was using on her to control her and to prevent her from pressing charges or even revealing the abuse.

"She found a doll wrapped around with a Muthi and my daughter was not well," pastor Simelane said.

The father of the Amahololo hit maker felt hopeless at the time and the only thing he could do was to pray about the situation and consult a prophet.

However, the abuse didn't stop and Babes Wodumo proved it in the Instagram video.

Mthethwa commends Babes Wodumo for pressing charges against Mampintsha

The Minister of Arts and Culture commended Babes Wodumo for finally having the guts to press charges against Mampintsha.

"May her bravery inspire many more women to come forward so that their abusers can face the full might of law,"he added.

Twibs thinks Mampintsha has connections with the police

Although many were happy that finally Babes Wodumo had finally pressed charges against Mampintsha, the Twitter users questioned why Mampintsha was still walking freely while there is so much evidence to arrest him.

Some went as far as alleging that Mampintsha has connections with the police and they wouldn't be surprised if the docket would get lost.

Mmusi Maimane challenges Mampintsha to a boxing match

Democratic Alliance leader, Mmusi Maimane, called on the men to stop abusing women and even went as far as challenging Mampintsha to a boxing match - instead of him beating up defenseless women.

Maimane was so angry that he even told reporters, he is "a mother of one daughter" according to a video posted online.

Economic Freedom Fighters open criminal case on behalf of Babes Wodumo

The Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) in the KwaZulu Natal went a step further and opened a criminal case against Mampintsha.

“The actions of Mampintsha are repulsive and disgusting. This happens before Friday, 8 May, where women around the world will be commemorating International Women’s Day which is a focal point for women’s rights,” the party said.

ANC Women's League demands Mampintsha be arrested

“We are very much outraged that Mampintsha is beating up a talented young woman in that manner. No woman deserves to be beaten in that way," ANCWL National convenor, Precious Banda, told the SABC.

"We have called the South African public and all progressive men and women to boycott Mampintsha’s music and anything that involves him, and to ensure that there is justice.

"To teach our people a lesson. The fact that you produce artists; the fact that you produce these young women in the industry does not justify you to mistreat them, or to abuse them in that manner.”

Event organisers have also been put under pressure to cancel all Mampintsha shows as a way to show that they do not support gender-based violence.

PAC in the Eastern Cape says Mampintsha must thank his ancestors that he is not in the Eastern Cape

The Pan Africanist Congress of Azania (PAC) in the Eastern Cape says that they will ensure that Mampintsha is not booked for any events as well as his recording label West Ink.

The Provincial spokesperson of the PAC, Ndiyakholwa Ngqulu said that the first step they are going to take to ensure that West Ink doesn't perform anymore is to mobilize all event organizers to ensure that an agreement is reached to never hire any artists under the West Ink.

"The PAC Eastern Cape want to mobilize all events organizers to never again shall they book Mampitsha and his West Ink even if they are there only thing left, further that all radio stations in EC should never play any Song that happened to even feature Mampitsha or produced by him.

"We understand very well that some songs are not his however we are firm that until those who worked with him take an action they also guilty.

"We will further instruct every SRC that PASMA may be part of, to never book or have any event with Mampitsha in instituions of learning starting with the planned one in UWC were PASMA is leading, Ngqulu said.

Disrupt and disturb West Ink events

The PAC EC gave its instructions to disrupt and disturb West Ink events especially those that have Mampintsha as an artist booked to perform.

"We have heard enough of the men excuses over abuse and worse those who think they are above the than the law,"

"Lastly we call for a speed transformation in the justice system, we cannot in the digital technological weave we still ignore acts of crime that are committed and published through online platforms.

"Let our justice system protect the victims while they still alive than when they are dead,"

"He must thank his ancestors he is not in EC, we are still confident our KZN leadership will close that Academy of abusers called "WORSE INK".

"The provincial executive of PAC was shocked and very angry when it learnt the actions of Mandla Maphumulo known as "Mampitsha".

"The actions of this man have been swept under carpet for far too long now. He is an abuser, an animal who doesn’t deserve to be around women and kids.

"It is in the view of the executive that "Babes Wodumo" is crying for help of everyone and as PAC we have heard her very well. From today we do not care whether she opens a case or not, whether she comes out to make statement or not to us Mampitsha has crossed the line and we need no judge or lawyer to confirm this."

West Ink boss saddened by what happened to Babes Wodumo

Meanwhile, Mthokozi Khathi who is well known by his stage name, Dj Tira who is also the West Ink boss said that his company name was being dragged in the social media "unnecessary".

"It is with great sadness that I have to deal with the backlash of this issue of a third party continuously being dragged by the South African media," dj Tira said in a statement.

He further condemned the abuse of women by man.

"My heart is really sad for Babes Wodumo and no women should have to go through this. For those of you who know me will know that I will never and would never enable abuse.

"I have since reached out to Babes Wodumo who is home safe and sound," he said.

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