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Bail denied: Christopher Panayiotou to remain behind bars until trial

Jun 24, 2016
Bail denied: Christopher Panayiotou to remain behind bars until trial

Port Elizabeth businessman, Christopher Panayiotou, who is accused of orchestrating the faked hijacking and subsequent murder of his teacher wife, Jayde, in April last year, will remain behind bars until his trial, which is due to begin on October 10, in the Port Elizabeth High Court.

After a lengthy bail hearing in the Port Elizabeth Magistrate's Court, Magistrate Abigail Beeton on Friday said that Panayiotou had not given any new independent evidence to show his innocence, which therefore means no exceptional circumstances exist to warrant bail. 

Jayde's parents were seen in the courtroom hugging each other after the verdict was announced.

Bail application failed to present new evidence and facts

In its closing arguements to a hearing that took almost a month, the State argued that Panayiotou’s legal team had not presented anything new to the court that could warrant bail and were instead re-hashing old facts that they used in his previous failed bail bid.

Magistrate Beeton, who precided, last year refused Panayiotou bail arguing that he was likely to tamper with evidence and that he was a flight risk.

The State also argued that Panayiotou’s new application needed to prove the existence of new facts against the findings made at the Grahamstown High Court where his bail appeal was rejected.

It also sought to disprove the defence’s claim that Luthando Siyoni, who has since turned State witness, was assaulted by the police to get a confession out of him.

The defence argued that the evidence of Siyoni be excluded, because he was “severely beaten” into making a confession that implicated Panayiotou.