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Baker Baynes Breaks through Business Barriers to Success

Mar 29, 2017
Baker Baynes Breaks through Business Barriers to Success

There is a looming sentiment that doing business in today’s economic environment is getting tougher by the day.  Baker Baynes has assessed these challenges and converted them into opportunities, which they believe not only will elevate their business effectiveness, but it will also positively impact their clients.

Richard Smedley-Williams, Managing Director says, “Our business philosophy is to continue to innovate and problem solve in order to break through any market obstacles which hamper the opportunities for Baker Baynes and our clients to do business together. We see this as a show of our investment into our clients’ future.”

Baker Baynes’ MD’s statement of commitment to their clients’ future is reflected by their recent partnership with three BBSDP (Black Business Supplier Development Programme) facilitators.  This extraordinary partnership allows the complex process for clients to obtain DTI funding, to be dramatically streamlined and simplified. Ultimately clients who are eligible for DTI funding are now able to get the critical tools that Baker Baynes offer - quicker, allowing them to optimize their businesses for success with innovative technology.

DTI have setup the stp (Seda Techology Programme), amongst others, to stimulate economic growth and development through facilitating technological innovation increasing the accessibility to, and utilisation of technology and technical support for small enterprises, whilst at the same time improving the sustainability and international competitiveness of small enterprises supported through the programme.  Stp, as a programme of the Department of Trade and Industry (the dti), is therefore responsible for the provision of both financial and non-financial technology transfer, business incubation and quality support services for small enterprise. Baker Baynes’ BBSDP partnership is an additional link to supporting this initiative.

Baker Baynes’ commitment to easing the obstacles of doing business with their clients does not end there. They are proud to announce a Level 2 BBBEE rating.  The Baker Baynes’ Senior Executives have recognized the critical need to remain competitive when doing business with Government and Parastatals, as well as provide the required scorecards for preferential supplier listings with their clients.

These dynamic game changers are a first for the South African Autodesk Partner network and certainly are a compelling reason for companies in the construction, manufacturing, architectural, civil, structural and other engineering disciplines, to do business with Baker Baynes in the future. Your company could be one step closer to designing a better world with the help of Baker Baynes.