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Balance Holistic Therapies now offering the reptile massage

By Liande Barnard - May 31, 2016
Balance Holistic Therapies now offering the reptile massage

Because of the everyday stresses and busy work schedules, everyone needs a little downtime every now and then - and Balance Holistic Therapies, situated in Newton Park, Port Elizabeth, offers a new and exciting way for you to relax.

Chaune, the owner of Balance Holistic, has recently launched her latest massage technique, the reptile massage.

“Snake massage is a form of massage that gives your body a fresh look, in fact, those that have experienced it say that the bigger the snake, the better the massage,” she describes.

“Massages aim to make your muscular system work more effectively and to make your reflexes strong. Snake massage is common in places such as Indonesia and China, and works exactly how you imagine it would. Instead of hands being placed on the body, the snakes do all the work that a massage therapist does.”

Chaune adds; “Having the snakes slither around the body can create a sensation and a feeling that cannot be replicated by the hands. The soft, cold scales give a new way to treat aches and pains, and provide extreme relaxation.”

In humans, tension, knots and pain show up as a heat spot and after a few minutes, the snakes would go towards the injured area, as snakes, being cold-blooded, have a sixth sense similar to infrared, which they use to seek out heat.

“Typically, smaller snakes are used on smaller areas that are being worked on, like the face. For larger areas and extremities, bigger snakes are used as they are heavier and cover more surface area. Both sizes of snakes are used to give the tissue therapy, and increase the blood circulation,” Chaune explains, adding; “Snake massage is very effective, as it improves the blood flow to the heart which helps to decrease the risk of heart diseases. It also dilates all the blood vessels helping them to work more accurately, lowers blood pressure and reduces tension and anxiety.”

If you’re not into reptiles, that doesn’t mean you have to miss out on all the health benefits of a traditional massage, as I also learnt that she has trained in many different types of therapies, such as the Holistic/Swedish massage, Sports Therapy massage, Pregnancy and Baby massage and Hot Stone massage.

Want to take some time out to relax? Call Chaune at Balance Holistic Therapies on 083 419 4885 or email her at [email protected]