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Bargain Buys expands nationally

Apr 28, 2019

Bargain Buys started business in Port Elizabeth in 2009 and this year celebrates its 10th anniversary. Today it is a national brand that provides a highly effective marketing service to businesses who want to expand their brand, bring new feet through the door and improve their Search Engine Optimisation (SEO).

Owner of Bargain Buys, Graeme Lund, says, “Online shopping was still in its infancy in 2009. We had to convince people that our voucher or coupon system was legitimate and we had to convince our customers that online shopping would not result in someone hacking their bank account.”

Graeme says that shortly after Bargain Buys was launched Groupon started in the USA. Groupon had some massive initial investment and the company expanded worldwide at a very rapid pace.

“Although Groupon was our competitor, they together with businesses like Amazon, ensured that online shopping became the norm,” says Graeme.

Bargain Buys, according to Graeme, is a far more effective business model than Groupon and the reason why Bargain Buys is now expanding and Groupon has shut its doors in South Africa.

“Our business model is far more sustainable because we offer far more to our voucher partners than any of the ‘deal a day’ type businesses (read how here),” adds Graeme.

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Expansion of Bargain Buys

Initially Bargain Buys only sold vouchers for businesses in Port Elizabeth but then began to expand in to the rest of the Eastern Cape and the Garden Route.

Graeme says, “Bargain Buys was only a small part of my overall business enterprise. It was not until 2017 that I began to seriously expand Bargain Buys into the rest of the country.”

Bargain Buys upgraded their website in 2018 and embarked on a national marketing campaign. Bargain Buys currently has daily deals, or vouchers or coupons as they are variously known, throughout South Africa.

For more information on Bargain Buys visit their website or call them on 0861 636 845 or email them at payments @buybargainbuys.co.za